Time Gets Away As Usual

Time Gets Away As Usual

Can you believe that we’ve been living in our RV for 3 years already? Not sure where the time has gone because it sure doesn’t feel like we’ve been in our 5th wheel that long.

The first few months were a lot of trial and error, plus all of the moving around we did, personally I miss the moving around, seeing different things, meeting different people, that’s what its all about. The winters have been good to us, we stayed on a farm the first winter (2016) and even though there was a lot of snow and ice we did survive. Our second winter (2017) was even better, we landed a spot in an actual RV park with full hookups along with free cable and virtually next to nothing for snow and ice, it was a great winter. This was also the first winter where we had to adapt to puppies and that dreaded housebreaking, that was an ordeal that’s for sure. We now have gotten past that for the most part and will need to replace the carpet and the floor sometime this year, but hey isn’t that what puppies are all about?


Now that the 3rd Winter is Approaching (2018)

I’m sure hoping that this winter will be kind to us, I don’t mind the snow just not to much of it, that would be great! We went out and bought a small floor heater this year to help compensate with the cost of propane, it keeps the living end very nice and toasty but the bedroom is cold as usual – thank god for my electric blanket.

We are kinda hoping that we have accomplished all of the winterizing that needed to be done, after all it’s already the middle of November it won’t be long now. The only thing that we can’t be sure of, is how much the temperature will fall below 0 and if that happens the under carriage of our fifth wheel will freeze like it did back in the winter of 2016. I’ll be so happy when we get our new fifth wheel next year and you can count on this it will have the polar package that’s for sure.

When Life Gets in the Way!

I do think that the last time I wrote a post I was either just leaving my current job or had already left, seems like forever ago. I went back to working out of our trailer, thinking that it would only be nights & weekends BUT as usual that didn’t last long and before I knew it I was back working 24/7. I sometimes think I’m my own worst enemy cause we all know I could just say NO!

Just look at the time frame from this post to the last one I made almost a full year has gone by, that’s pretty sad that I can’t even find the time to post in here or write another page on a topic that I’m passionate about. I’ve decided that for the rest of November I’m going to take some time for myself or should I say our RV.

I ripped out the carpet almost three months ago and still have found the flooring I want to replace it with – oh wait a minute I haven’t had the time to even look. velvet-1266446_1920Thats the colour of carpet that used to be in our 5th wheel, when I ripped it out you wouldn’t have even guessed it was that colour. The dogs had literally destroyed it and it was more black than blue. I always wonder to myself why when they build these trailers that they always seem to put in the most insane colours and why is it they always have white floor tiles? Who in their right mind wants to go camping with white floors that doesn’t even make sense to me.

I’m replacing all of the carpet with flooring and also the white floor that runs through the kitchen, living area and even the bathroom. I’m thinking maybe something on the rustic side, or at least a colour that semi hides the dirt. That’s going to be my winter project and if I’m really energetic and can find the extra time I just might paint the walls and ceiling.

room-3535806_1920I’m thinking maybe something like this for the floor colour, rustic but realistic for the camping season. This just makes a lot more sense to me and since we have two dogs it makes a heck of a lot more sense than the white floors we have now – any suggestions?

Keeping it to Myself – No Longer an Option

Now before I wrap all of this up for the night I want to share a little secret with you, I’ve been having way to much fun with my new candle hobby that I got into about six months ago. I purchased quite a few over this past summer & fall and each one made our trailer smell amazing. I got into these because first I liked the fact that they are made in Canada right down the road from me actually in Chilliwack, British Columbia.

Their made from 100% soy candle wax which is made from pure soybeans and specialized soy-based additives that are FDA-approved and Kosher-certified. They all come with two 100% cotton wicks and are 40% larger than the average competitors and contain 60% more fragrance oil.

I fell in love with these candles, of course there is also wax melts, soaps, bath salts, essential oils and even aromatherapy diffusers plus oil & wax melts warmers and more!

Now for the Best Part – Or at Least for Me this is Why I Love Them!

You’ll never believe what I was able to get from these candles that not only smell  amazing but have a hidden treasure inside, that’s right you actually read that – there’s a hidden surprise in each and every product excluding the essential oils for obvious reasons. Valued at $100These are all of the rings that I’ve found inside the candles that I purchased over the last six months or so, a few had necklaces in them that I didn’t add to the picture. The higher valued price rings came from the sterling silver & gold collection which did cost a little more to purchase. They are guaranteed to be lead and nickel free and can be valued from $50 to $5000, most I got was the black sapphire valued at $200 but hey I’m not complaining.

Don’t get me wrong I didn’t like all of the rings I received but it is fun when I type in the code on the appraisal page, gets me all warm and fuzzy inside while I wait for the value. It’s just the small things that amuse me while living in a 5th wheel, and I can honestly say that most of them I went digging for, seems I didn’t have the patience to wait for the candle to burn down enough to actually pull it out.

You can the rings in these sizes 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 & 10 also with Christmas so close getting a candle with a necklace hidden inside makes a very nice gift.

Vanilla Bean - ChristmasI leave you with a picture of the scent that I first started out with, since then I’ve bought “Pumpkin Pie”, “Orange Creamsicle”, “Chocolate N Cranberry”, “Christmas Kitchen” and “Outrageous Orange”.  I haven’t been disappointed yet with any of the scents

Try One for Yourself Don’t be Afraid of Becoming Addicted like me!


Twists & Turns a Part of Life!

As 2017 quickly starts to fade away I thought to myself “maybe I should spend the day wrapping up some loose ends” and what a better way to start the day, drink coffee and write a story!

My husband and I have lived in our 5th wheel for 542 days now and NO it wasn’t all that great in the beginning, so many things have changed since that very first day we decided that we didn’t want to pay large amounts of rent anymore. I’ll do a quick wrap up of the past year for those of you that have just joined our RV life style.

  • In the beginning if something was going to go wrong it did, from rotting walls to broken hot water tanks.
  • We had to give away our dog “Karma”, she didn’t like change and couldn’t copt with all of the moving around, that was hard for us BUT better for her.
  • I was able to get a full-time job working from within the 5th wheel, we were back to having a second income.
  • We bought a newer used 5th wheel within 3 months, one with a slide, more windows and no rot.
  • We lost our best friend “Orca” this past August sad story, there’s a blog on that, still makes me cry to this day.
  • This summer we spent moving around from RV park to RV park in and around our city. This was a good way to entertain that feeling of boredom, never was a dull summer.
  • Our family grew after we added two new additions, so once again we are a family of four. They are a handful no doubt about it BUT we love them just the same.
  • Fall/Winter came up on us quickly so without scrambling to much we were able to find a winter parking spot, thanks to an employee that bumped us to the top of the waiting list.
  • I quit my job, even with working from the RV the stress was to much to handle, dispatching employees is something I don’t recommend, it takes a toll on your sanity.

There you have the past 542 days in a quick summary, if you want to know more you’ll have to read all of my past posts.


I often ask myself “are you happy?” The answer is yes BUT (there’s always a but), I find myself bored! It takes like a half hour to clean the RV and with me not working that leaves 10 – 12 hrs before the hubby gets home from work. Even cooking dinner has become less of a chore with the new Instant Pot so with all of this time on my hands that can only lead to one thing BORED!!!

The new little puppies “Barbas” & “Gizmo” are great with relieving some of the boredom BUT with them not catching on to the housebreaking idea they don’t get to have the run of the RV just yet. I did have to rearrange the entire RV to make room for their Richell Convertible High Playpen which they can’t get out of yet! Every other one I have tried they seemed to always climb over, this one I bought from Amazon and it seems to be working. They still think that the inside of the RV is their private bathroom and with such a tiny space it can smell bad pretty fast.

We chose to go smaller this time when adding our new sons to the family after all living in the 5th wheel with “Karma” at 120 lbs and “Orca” at 90 lbs was a little tough especially in the beginning without the slide BUT we managed because we loved them!

Both puppies won’t grow to be very big 18 lbs at most each, so the perfect size for living in a RV, will be a glorified day when they finally learn what going outside means!

Since I have way to many hours in a day to do absolutely nothing I decided a few weeks back to join Epicure and start cooking and eating the healthy way, maybe I could prolong the passing of my life you might say, I doubt it BUT it’s a good way to think! Actually truth be told I was kinda hoping it went take away some of my boredom, it hasn’t so I’m right back at square one BORED with life!


People often ask if we ever have any regrets about our decision of moving into a 5th wheel with little to no space, the answer is YES!

It’s not for everyone, it takes a lot of courage to part with all of your treasured belongings that you’ve worked so hard over the course of your life to accumulate, taking only actual things you need to get by with. I wouldn’t say we have many regrets I think the biggest one for me (not sure how hubby feels) is that we didn’t move out to the Emory Bar RV Park when we had the chance, we let life get in the way with our decision of moving there.

Life always has away of working out in the end so who knows maybe next year I’ll be writing a post from out there instead of Langley ha ha!!!

Life has many Turns

It seems that I’ve been way to busy this summer to get caught up with all of my online writings, life has away of getting busier as we grow older. I’m hoping to find the time to continue with our adventures as we live in the RV.

A lot of things have changed since moving into our 5th wheel 503 days ago and even though it got off to a rocky start we wouldn’t live anywhere else. Life as we know it has become a little more simpler and since we could never afford to buy a home here on the lower mainland of British Columbia the RV was our only option. Owning our home on wheels has opened up different avenues for us, let me see if I can explain a few.

  1. We don’t have to deal with landlords, which can be trying in itself since it could be a bad landlord. You know the ones that always need to be in your business or the ones that don’t want to spend the money to do the repairs needed on their property. Of course they can always come and tell you to move simply because they want to use the property for their own family members to live on. Don’t get me wrong we still have to pay for the RV pad but that’s not a bad thing because no matter what we own the home.
  2. We have that feeling of security knowing that even if the RV park closes down we are not homeless, wouldn’t be the first time we had to park our home on a street in some remote location for a few days while we find another spot to park.
  3. We don’t have to spend that dreaded amount of time packing our belongings, asking our friends to help us move, then the unpacking which I’m sure everyone can agree is the worse job ever – moving!!!

Thats just some of the things that we don’t miss all we do now is hook up to our truck and away we go, no help needed. Besides have you ever noticed that you have tons of friends until that one day when you have to move, something always comes up, just saying.

Summer was an Amazing Adventure

We had an interesting summer and stayed at some amazing places that we could of got used to staying full time, but sadly they have a huge waiting list when it comes to winter camping.

We stayed at the Fort Langley RV Park for a total of a month this year, this park is very clean and well taken care of. With your regular hookups of sewer, water and electricity you also get free cable, which was a novelty for us since it’s been over a year that we’ve watched TV, they must of had close to 50 channels.

fort langley

Fort Langley is central to almost everything but holy the traffic can be a little overwhelming in such a small community, especially with all the filming that goes on there.

Another place that we liked this summer was Hazelmere RV Park & Campground this too was a clean park. They say they have cable television too but realistically the only way you can get that is if you have your own cable box, kinda corny if you ask me. But on the plus side if the RV sites are all booked they have a huge lawn area that’s used for overflow which we didn’t mind at all even if there’s no services.


The staff at Hazelmere were all friendly and so were the full time people that lived there, a morning didn’t go by where someone didn’t say hello. We spent an entire month there this summer and if they would of had a spot available for winter this would of been our first choice cable TV or not.

Then we also stayed at Derby Reach for a couple of weeks that was nice, no water, no electricity and cable or sewer but very relaxing. This is for people that want to get away from the hustle & bustle of city life.

derby reach

This campground is by far our favourite, the staff is amazing, the scenery is spectacular, the campsite is quiet even with a lot of kids around. It brings us back to sitting around and actually visiting with one another face to face without technology getting in the way.

Summer was Also a Time of Sadness

August 5th was a sad time for us this year when we had to let go of our best friend, our amazing dog “Orca” started experiencing a tremendous amount of pain in his back legs and no amount of medication was helping him live a happy normal life. There was times I sat on the floor with him when he couldn’t get up and walk, which freaked him out just as much as it did for me.


I miss this old dog more than anyone can even imagine, he was my best friend for almost 10 years and truth be told he loved me more than my own kids do. Orca will always be in my heart until I myself can no longer breath, he has been missed everyday.

Summer was Quick to Leave

There you have it Summer is over and now we are embarking on a new adventure the Fall/Winter Season. We were lucky to jump to the top of a waiting list for a RV Park out in Aldergrove and moved our 5th wheel in on Oct 1st. We plan on staying here for the winter, we have electricity, water, sewer, cable, laundromat, hot showers (if we don’t want to use our propane), and the residents are extremely friendly. It’s important to note that with Orca gone we are able to stay at a lot more places than before, seems RV parks limit the size of dogs that they allow into their parks – which I think is sad.

Spring is Here the Birds say So!

I’ve been feeling a little grounded lately so we know its time to make a change. We’ve been living in our 5th wheel for 324 days now and to be honest it really doesn’t feel much different then living somewhere and paying rent. Yes, in the beginning it was a total nightmare and with us being complete newbies, that really didn’t help much and now things are good, well most everything.

Our new 5ft wheel doesn’t seem to have a very big holding tank for the fresh water at least that’s what I think. Seems like every time I want to take a shower wouldn’t you know it there just isn’t any water, I’ll be completely happy to be hooked up directly to a water source, after all filling the tank takes time which I seem to have very little of these days.

We took a drive over the weekend and visited the Emory Bar RV park just outside of Hope BC and this could very well be our next home for awhile. They have a general store, produce market, gift store, liquor store, ATM machine, gas station, a deli, the cafe, laundromat and even showers plus lets not forget the wifi and satellite TV. Kinda reminded me of a tiny town all in itself then walk across the street and your in heaven with the Fraser river and all of it’s fishing just minutes away.

I do have a question for all of you experienced RV’ers and that is Why do the birds always want to get in through our windows? Everyday there’s at least one bird sometimes two that sit at the window pecking at the glass. I’ve tried everything I can think of to keep them away from the windows and yet it starts all over again the very next day unless it’s raining. As much as I enjoy watching birds this gets annoying over time not to mention the scratches on the window from their little feet as they cling to the window. I don’t recall having this problem last year although it was early summer when we moved into the first fifth wheel we started out living in. Hopefully someone will be able to tell me what to do or even why they think its a good idea to come inside. 

I think we need to hook up and fly the coop so to speak and head down to the river for some good old fashion camping, sit out by the fire, drink some beer and just smell the great outdoors. 


After all who doesn’t love rest, relaxation, solitude and just good old fashion peace and quiet. I know that I could sure use a break from everyday life just to bad I can’t take a break from cell phones and computers. I was lucky enough to find a good paying job working from our RV so basically as long as I have cell service and some type of internet I can pretty much go anywhere and camping is on my list. 

That’s about all I have for tonight but as we get more into the summer months along with  trying to find a new place to park the RV this year my posts should get a little more exciting and maybe not as bleak as they were in the beginning of this adventure we chose to embark on. 

Christmas came Early this Year

Wow can’t believe that there’s only 52 days left until Christmas Day, where did the year go feels like yesterday that we started this RV living. In fact I can’t believe that I have lasted as long as I have, been doing this now for just over 5 months almost half a year.

We are about to embark on that dreaded season “Winter” and thank god we live here on the coast where most of the time it just rains with very little below freezing or snow. Still though we will have to do some kind of winterizing like maybe skirt around the bottom of the trailer to keep the wind out. I was told by another RV’er to have either an oil based heater or an electric one plus a fan that blows heat too that will help circulate the heat throughout the fifth wheel. Then to make sure that we put heat-tape around all the water lines, sewer pipes even the grey water pipe to avoid any type of freezing better to be safe then sorry in the end. Sounds like a lot of work in such a short time after all it’s already November 2nd not long now and before we know it December & January will be hovering in to take over.

Christmas came early for us this year so now that we spent all of our money there won’t be any point in buying each other gifts this year, can’t get anything that would be any better than a new home. We finally got rid of that old, dry rotted 1995 Rustler and moved up to a 2002 Citation with a slide out which I should mention if your thinking of moving into a RV make darn sure that you get a slide out. That my friends was our biggest mistake trying to live in a small fifth wheel with two adults and a 90 pound dog and trust me when I say it just didn’t work. Now the slide out makes a world of difference it’s like 100% better, there’s room to pass one another, two people can be in the kitchen at the same time, it’s all around that much easier to live with someone in a small space.


Out with the Old & In with the New

We were extremely lucky when we bought the new trailer, having a friend with a huge driveway to park them side by side so that we could transfer everything over was a huge blessing. I was a little bummed that it rained all day and it wasn’t until we had finished that someone on Facebook said “Hey open up one of the awnings between the trailers”, now why didn’t I think of that ugh we could have stayed dry all day. You might think that it shouldn’t take all that long to make the transfer heck even I thought that way until we started that is, who knew that two people could acquire so much crap in just a few short months, it felt like we’d never get finished.

I’m heading back to the bidding sites on Facebook next week, even though the trailers are the same size 26′ long and with the slide out omg we have way to much junk that’s not even worth hauling around with us from site to site. It’s time to let go of the past and move on with the future, we want to drive across Canada in the spring and there’s no way we’re hauling all this with us time to cut it all loose.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It might not be the kitchen your used too but it sure is nice to have that extra room I can’t stress that enough if your going to live in a RV make sure you get a slide out you’ll be thankful in the end that you did. I know that we sure learned early on that we had made a huge mistake actually more than one but there’s no point in complaining about that old rundown trailer anymore than I already have its long gone and we couldn’t be happier. I myself don’t like the bench tables, I guess if you need that extra bed then by all means the bench is the way to go, but we don’t and the free-standing table and chairs works way better for us. I’m even going to put two of the chairs in storage so that we can free up even more space now that I’ve turned the table opposite of what you see here in the pictures. This will allow for either a small bookcase or some type of shelving to go between the table and the couch giving us a little more storage for things like blue-ray movies, family pictures or maybe more important things like extra food or water, we’ll see I haven’t had the time since moving in to actually decide what I should do with that little extra space.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I think we made the right move and even though we’d like to have a much larger fifth wheel we had to get what our truck is capable of towing. That’s another thing you need to consider especially if your leaning towards a trailer instead of a motorhome, how much weight can your truck, car or SUV haul. Our truck is capable of towing 10,000 pounds so our trailer’s dry weight comes in at 8,000 pounds we’re good but we are going to spend the extra money and install airbags just to help our truck out that much more. We could have towed a much larger trailer but after looking at something like 30+ floor plans we just couldn’t break away from the feel of the fifth wheel. There’s just something about a fifth wheel that makes us feel like we are at home, it’s so hard to describe and one day when I have a little more time I’ll go through that with all of you.

This is the heater that I should get for our fifth wheel since it oscillates for wide area heating and even comes with a permanent dust filter which might be great with the dog also staying inside. You just never know what the dog will do when were not home so I’m glad that it exceeds industry safety standards has a tip-over switch & overheat protection. 

Honeywell HCE322V Digital Ceramic Whole Room Tower Heater, Black

It’s been raining NO not raining, pouring here the past three days and if our new trailer was ever going to leak like the old one did it would have been during these past three days. I’m happy to report not even the slightest sign of a leak unless you leave the roof vent open like I did the other day. Well that’s about all I have time for tonight I realize that I haven’t written a post in quite sometime but I’m sure you know how that is when life gets the better of you and time isn’t cooperating. I was going to leave you with a farewell video that I took as the Rustler headed out down the driveway but that’ll have to be another day haven’t quite figured out how to get it on my Macbook Pro from my phone, but I will come back and share it with all of you soon, in the meantime thanks for reading.

Winter is Fast Approaching!

Not to sure where we plan on staying over the winter, but it’ll have to be somewhere that we both like as well as central to most everything. We are thinking that it’s time we put down some roots for at least the next six months just in case it becomes a winter wonderland here on the South Coast. Time seems to get away from the both of us and we are going to put some temporary skirting around this old beast for the winter months so best we get on finding a winter home.

I can tell you that our hot water heater is holding up since Scott took it apart and was able to stop the leaking problem, but now the water pump is leaking and with it being under the couch it’s hard to access, that’s something we’ll be working on over the next few weekends. We have already re-sealed the roof and it looks like that worked since last night there was a heavy rain and my pillow didn’t get soaked like before. The fridge is still a piece of crap and never stays lit but that’s okay since we own a little bar fridge and once were hooked to electricity we’ll be using it instead.

buyer beware

When buying a used RV do your homework, we didn’t and now we are living in one rotten rundown home!

The dry rot in the wall is a big thing just noticed a large hole under the one window and I’m fairly certain that one day the entire side of the trailer will fall right off and with our luck being not the greatest right now chances are that’ll happen going down the freeway at some point in our travels, you know about Murphy’s law don’t you?  Some days I sit in here drinking my morning coffee and wonder to myself “what’s keeping the cupboards, microwave and the oven fan from falling” since that’s the side with all of the dry rot, you gotta know that they are attached to the wall somehow.

hole in wall

OMG look at this hole in the wall, it’s above the couch next to the window, only a matter of time before the cabinets are on the floor!

I don’t have a desire to talk to the guy that sold us this trailer, first off he would have known about all the issues and second we were newbies and didn’t know what to look for so as far as I’m concerned he took advantage of us regardless of how good he made the deal sound!

Luckily for us we have learnt a very valuable lesson and when it comes time to dump this trailer (and that’s what were going to do) we won’t be selling it to anyone knowing all the things that are wrong with it, we are not that mean or deceitful. I myself wouldn’t feel very good knowing that I sold this to someone and on their trip the wall fell away from the trailer, but not everyone has a conscious isn’t that obvious. Enough about that can’t do anything about this now except make a mental note to ourselves to never purchase anything ever again from this person!

rotting walls

Just a matter of time before the cupboards and cabinets come apart from the wall and fall to the floor, how much you want to bet this happens hauling it down the road, whenever we stop I take a deep breath before opening the door!

I really wanted to stay the winter at Emory Bar RV Park but that’s not going to happen since they won’t take run down trailers like the one we have, but on a plus note they will accept our dog “Orca” which not all parks will. Finding a RV park without to many rules isn’t as easy as one would think, but hopefully we’ll be able to stay at this one over the winter Brae Island Regional Park situated in Fort Langley, a little more central for Scott to get to work everyday. For me it doesn’t matter where we live over the winter I was lucky enough to pick up a job that I can do from the RV since I’m only dispatching and would only need access to wi-fi and cell service, I added more data to my cell so I’m good to go now as long as there’s a cell signal wherever we choose to be.

That’s about all the news I have these days, things haven’t really bothered me all that much but I think that’s because I’m working again and can get out to see people and have adult conversations. We are down to only the one dog now, found an awesome home for our female over on Mayne Island where she has settled in quite nicely and loves her new family, we still miss Karma but also know it was the best decision for her.

Helping the Homeless, the Right Thing to Do!!!

We were driving around the Fraser Valley yesterday during one huge rain storm and I’ve decided that all of the homeless out there need to have some type of shelter of their own. That way they’ll have a place to get out of the elements, below is an emergency  tent this would be perfect to hand out this year to the homeless, so now I’m on a crusade to supply these, if you’d like to help there’s a donate button on the side of my blog and it will only cost you $10.00 or buy one yourself and give it to someone in need in your neighbourhood.

  • Provides compact emergency protection in all-weather conditions.
  • Retains/reflects back 90% of body heat.
  • Reusable, waterproof and windproof.

Emergency Survival Mylar Thermal Reflective Cold Weather Shelter Tube Tent

It just seems like the right thing to do, even though we live in a rundown trailer with rotting walls we are still able to take shelter from the rain, wind and cold, doesn’t everyone deserve that no matter how small it is?

Things Change In An Instant!

Its been awhile since I’ve had the time to sit down and write, things have changed so drastically over the past month that I’ve run out of time for things that I enjoy like writing my horror stories here, ha ha!

We stayed everywhere we could find a site for the month of July and you’ll see that not all of the places were all that great. The two pictures were taken from our dining room window and if your anything like me you enjoy a little privacy.


I’m more of a private person this first view above wasn’t for me.


Now this is peaceful and more like it.

There isn’t going to be anything today that’s bad in fact everything is almost perfect for now anyways. I managed to pick up a full-time job working out of the RV dispatching for a local company and even though I can go into the office if I choose too, most days I prefer to stay at home and work.

We have been staying on a farm for the past few weeks while the owner is away feeding their dog, cats and yes even a funny old donkey, he’s so very sweet. I’m able to have a small amount of time to myself hence the lack of writing lately but hey at least I can’t complain that I’m bored.


Now this is more like it, peaceful with more privacy then we even need, peach trees on the one side of the garage and pear trees on the other side, life is good this month!


This old Donkey is so funny and quite vocal when he wants to be.

The RV seems to be on track with everything working as it should except maybe the fridge we still have the problem of it shutting off whenever it feels like and if it happens that it wants to continue working it freezes everything and I mean everything no matter how low you turn it down. Ever try to make a salad with a frozen head of lettuce me either I just threw it away. I’m sure over the next few weeks or months when we have the extra cash lying around we’ll either get the fridge fixed or replace it with another one, right now though we have electric hookup so the bar fridge is the better option for us.

Funny how things can change in an instant for example I got my new job two weeks ago and the hubby quit his job on Friday he starts a brand new job on Monday just that quick. We are staying on the farm until after the September long weekend then it’ll be time to move on again but I’m sure by then I’ll be ready for the next adventure. Not sure if our dog Orca will be coming with us when we leave, he seems to love the farm life and has made some new friends, just wouldn’t be right to cope him up in a RV park.


Orca is saying “what the heck we’re moving again”

Life is finally starting to come together, yes we tried to get a larger 5th wheel but for some silly reason I think it’s best to wait until we can buy a brand new one that way we won’t be haunted by other people’s junk ever again. This one will have to do until at least next year so hmm I wonder how the winter will affect us both mentally as well as the money, lets hope things continue to be as great as they are now.


It might be a little to small for living in but we are making it work, here we found a free sani dump at a rest area so decided to have lunch, dump the tank and head out to the side of an industrial road for the night. Told you I’m a little behind this was in July 2016.

We might have got off to a rough start but I think that’s because we had no idea how or even where to go and the fact that it was the start of summer vacation made it that much harder for us. Now we just take each day as it comes and while we are here on the farm we are going to do some work to the RV to get it updated for the winter. I have my eye on a RV park for the winter and even though we can’t get in until October 15th that’s okay, time zips by at lightening speed it’ll be October in no time. Think it’s time for me to do a small load of laundry and get it out on the make shift line we put up, we are learning of new ways to save money now that we’ve come to understand and adapt to this lifestyle.

To be honest I came across this completely by accident one day when I was dreading another trip to the laundry mat. I don’t use it for everything but it sure is handy to have when clean clothes are needed, now if only I could find a new dryer invention instead of hanging the clothes on a line.

Check it out for yourself especially if your like us and live in your RV

Scrubba Portable Laundry System Wash Bag

I save money and wash clothes wherever and whenever I want and when I’m done it folds down to pocket-size so I can just throw it under the bathroom sink. Things are finally coming along for us, it was a lot of trial and error although I do think in the beginning it was more error on our part. I still can’t give up the electricity and water hook ups but have learnt to adapt without cable TV and wifi, for now.