Feels Like I’m Drowning in Hot Water!

That’s right things are going from bad to worse and I’m thinking it might be time to throw in the towel… Wouldn’t you know the hot water heater sprung a leak yesterday more like a river than a leak and now that’s right NO hot water!

hot water tank

What does a RV hot water tank look like, not very big but does the job if it’s not pouring out on the ground!

I wanted a shower so bad, my hair was in need of a good wash and I hate when it starts to look all yucky, not to mention I had to go out in public to meet up with a few women that I didn’t even know. You know what they say about first impressions and how that’s important, crap didn’t want them thinking WOW she doesn’t wash her hair.

I took to the internet and must have watched over 20 how to videos off YouTube, I wanted to see if I could do a quick fix just so at the very least I’d have clean hair. Some I turned off immediately, some just dragged and dragged no interest there and some well they didn’t even resemble our 5th wheel at all. Then I did a google search and found a view forums that started to make sense, I’m not much for reading but having clean hair was important.

hot water tank plug

First I read check the hot water plug to see if it’s leaking, that’s the little brass looking screw thing in the picture, guess what it wasn’t, good to know I was thinking to myself, although maybe it should be replaced too

Onward I proceed to read, but I should warn all of you it just sounded like a lot of bla bla to me but I was so desperate to wash my hair I had to keep reading. I don’t even consider myself the hands on type of person and usually leave this kind of crap to the hubby, but he was at work. Then it happened would you look at that steps to fixing a hot water tank leak and even in terms I can understand and accomplish sounds simple enough.

hot water pressure release valve

This is where the river of water is coming from it’s called the “Hot Water Pressure Relief Valve” and look easy to read and understand instructions, should I feel lucky or maybe I should wait before getting all excited

Step 1 – Turn off the water heater, this was an easy step since it was already off after finding that it had a leak, I’m not that incompetent.

Step 2 – Turn off incoming water supply, ha ha another easy task since the water supply is coming from the garden hose even a child can figure that one out.

Step 3 – Open the closest hot water faucet in the RV, for me this means the one in the kitchen but only because it’s the closest to the hot water tank.

Step 4 – Pull handle of the pressure temperature relief valve straight out and allow the water to drain until it stops, this one had me a little baffled in the beginning but hey straight out how hard can that be.

Step 5 – Allow pressure temperature relief valve to snap shut, now turn on water supply and close faucet, okay the last two were simple but the snapping shut part I don’t think that really happened and seriously not even sure what that even means since I had to push the valve back down where it was originally at when I started all of this.

Now for the Big Test – Did I Manage to Fix the Leak!

Once all was said and done I came back into the RV and turned on the hot water tank it’s not rocket science after all it’s just a switch under the kitchen sink.

hot water switch

Turning on the hot water simple to do with this switch

I went back outside to check for leaks and wouldn’t you know there wasn’t one at least not yet anyways. I ran out of time doing all of these steps so in case you’re wondering yes I went out with my hair still looking and feeling yucky!

Couple Hours have Come and Gone!

I was pretty excited thinking that I had fixed the hot water leak problem and was sure looking forward to that hot shower and finally feeling like a normal person again. Wasn’t that a short-lived dream, turned on the hot water tank, waited 30 minutes for the water to heat up, got into the shower and turned on the water. Oh My God I yelled at the hubby the dam water is cold and I hate water at the best of times more so if it’s cold. Well wouldn’t you know it all the hot water went right out of the tank and onto the ground leaving me with nothing but ice-cold water and a very pissed off attitude!

Now I’m fit to be tied and have virtually no way of washing my hair, hubby as sweet as he is offers to boil me some water, can you see it now me washing my hair with hot boiled water there’s an emergency room visit waiting to happen. Then I remembered we have a close family friend that not only lives alone (he’s single & cute ladies) but is only five minutes away from us so I call him up and ask for a quirky favour “Hey can I use your shower“, thank goodness he was home and didn’t have any plans.

My hair project



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