Not as Cheap as One Would Think!

It’s now Wednesday July 20th and with only seven dollars to our name until the next payday, thank goodness that’s in two days, we are out of gas in the truck, the propane is all used up, fortunately for us we still have a tiny bottle for our camping cookstove hey at least we won’t starve. The fridge needs repairing, the hot water heater needs fixing and the insurance runs out on the trailer within the next two weeks.

We’re down a dog, thankfully she went to a good home with people who can give her more than we ever could from a fenced yard, to all the attention she will ever need or want. Plus I bet they have extra money lying around to even buy her food to survive on.

These past two months have been a total nightmare and I don’t know maybe it’s just me from sitting in less than 300 square feet day after day that has turned me into the person I’m not liking. Today even the hdmi cord broke for the TV and now the android box isn’t working at all, the AC only works for part of the day then it starts to blow off hot air so I always end up switching it to the fan sometime before night falls.

Not one good thing has happened in the past two months that I can even think of since every time I turn around we are without something or another thing has broken going on the list. We have to move this week, Saturday to be exact and at the time of writing this we still have no idea where we are going, every RV park that I called today is booked solid and most say until at least the end of August or middle of September. Life for me at least has sucked big time over the past few months and even though I pick up the hubby and drop him off allowing me to get out twice a day I still have one more dog and can’t do anything with him in tow. Oh wait I forgot there is no money, this living in a RV has become more expensive than when we were renting at $1250 a month at least when we knew what we needed to pay and could save for it.

I’m quite convinced that it’s time to call this an adventure that turned into a horror movie and move back to reality. I’m thinking it won’t be long before I completely lose it and do something drastic, never in my life have I experienced all of this turmoil one bad thing after the next!!! Don’t even get me started on how different each RV park is, omg who knew that they would have nothing in common and all run with their own set of rules.

Some have the no dog rule, other’s have the rule that if your RV is older than ten years they won’t take you, some only take small dogs, some take big dogs but then have a specific breed that’s not allowed, it just goes on and on making my head spin. Maybe that’s why I’m in a depressed state tonight after talking to something like eight RV parks and listening to rule after rule it’s a wonder I can still function. Do I have regrets you bet I do, I’d give anything right now to be paying rent, utilities, cable and still working my un-meaningful job but hey that’s just me and I gotta say this is the lowest I’ve ever been in my life and having no purpose has got to be the worst feeling in the world next to someone who I care about falling ill or becoming deceased.

That’s about all I have to say this week and none of it was very good, in fact this entire post is me venting my frustration over this so called easy, stress free, simple RV living. I leave you with one of my favourite pictures that I took a few years back and trust me when I say that’s just how I feel right now.

Like bacon frying in a pan!!!



8 thoughts on “Not as Cheap as One Would Think!

  1. OK…It’s official. I have followed your trials and tribulations and you are right. Things suck! I don’t know where in the world you are camping at those exorbitant rates! You take your hubby to work every day? Look me up on facebook (Renae Hackett-Thurman) if you want. I’d message with you and brainstorm if you want. Know that I am praying for you and your hubby. It must be heartbreaking to re-home a part of your family 😦 I’m so sorry!


  2. have u tried gettting on a month to month at an rv park. Green Gables in Chilliwack is supposedly cheap. Yes, the rates and rules vary with each park. I still would do the shelth parking the rv close in behind the Walmart off of Rupert skytrain stn. I would also ask businesses if u could park ur RV behind their lots they arent using to be kinda of security guards at night. Thats a suggestion. my ex bf got me into shelth camping rv style and had a host of ideas. RIP Brian!


  3. Love reading your blog! I recently did a 60day ish stint of full time RV living with 3 kids. I haven’t done a post on the final conclusions and summary of my rv time…I need to. I will get around to it soon 🙂 BUT I 100%%% agree about the finances piece of it. Thankfully I wasn’t doing it to save money because I would have been screwed! I met some very nice families at the RV grounds we were at and it was one of my biggest conversations pieces that we were actually spending more money on food, laundry, etc and in the end our monthly expenses were more then when we were living in the house. The memories were awesome! Would have been better if we could have traveled a bit more but we certainly had fun. Financially though–it was expensive!!


    • I too find it’s not cheap to live in a RV, once we get settled into a full-time park on a monthly basis I’ll be doing up an expense calculation to see if we should actually go back to the tradtional way of living. I guess the only bonus here is that we own our home and always have a roof over our heads.

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