Things Change In An Instant!

Its been awhile since I’ve had the time to sit down and write, things have changed so drastically over the past month that I’ve run out of time for things that I enjoy like writing my horror stories here, ha ha!

We stayed everywhere we could find a site for the month of July and you’ll see that not all of the places were all that great. The two pictures were taken from our dining room window and if your anything like me you enjoy a little privacy.


I’m more of a private person this first view above wasn’t for me.


Now this is peaceful and more like it.

There isn’t going to be anything today that’s bad in fact everything is almost perfect for now anyways. I managed to pick up a full-time job working out of the RV dispatching for a local company and even though I can go into the office if I choose too, most days I prefer to stay at home and work.

We have been staying on a farm for the past few weeks while the owner is away feeding their dog, cats and yes even a funny old donkey, he’s so very sweet. I’m able to have a small amount of time to myself hence the lack of writing lately but hey at least I can’t complain that I’m bored.


Now this is more like it, peaceful with more privacy then we even need, peach trees on the one side of the garage and pear trees on the other side, life is good this month!


This old Donkey is so funny and quite vocal when he wants to be.

The RV seems to be on track with everything working as it should except maybe the fridge we still have the problem of it shutting off whenever it feels like and if it happens that it wants to continue working it freezes everything and I mean everything no matter how low you turn it down. Ever try to make a salad with a frozen head of lettuce me either I just threw it away. I’m sure over the next few weeks or months when we have the extra cash lying around we’ll either get the fridge fixed or replace it with another one, right now though we have electric hookup so the bar fridge is the better option for us.

Funny how things can change in an instant for example I got my new job two weeks ago and the hubby quit his job on Friday he starts a brand new job on Monday just that quick. We are staying on the farm until after the September long weekend then it’ll be time to move on again but I’m sure by then I’ll be ready for the next adventure. Not sure if our dog Orca will be coming with us when we leave, he seems to love the farm life and has made some new friends, just wouldn’t be right to cope him up in a RV park.


Orca is saying “what the heck we’re moving again”

Life is finally starting to come together, yes we tried to get a larger 5th wheel but for some silly reason I think it’s best to wait until we can buy a brand new one that way we won’t be haunted by other people’s junk ever again. This one will have to do until at least next year so hmm I wonder how the winter will affect us both mentally as well as the money, lets hope things continue to be as great as they are now.


It might be a little to small for living in but we are making it work, here we found a free sani dump at a rest area so decided to have lunch, dump the tank and head out to the side of an industrial road for the night. Told you I’m a little behind this was in July 2016.

We might have got off to a rough start but I think that’s because we had no idea how or even where to go and the fact that it was the start of summer vacation made it that much harder for us. Now we just take each day as it comes and while we are here on the farm we are going to do some work to the RV to get it updated for the winter. I have my eye on a RV park for the winter and even though we can’t get in until October 15th that’s okay, time zips by at lightening speed it’ll be October in no time. Think it’s time for me to do a small load of laundry and get it out on the make shift line we put up, we are learning of new ways to save money now that we’ve come to understand and adapt to this lifestyle.

To be honest I came across this completely by accident one day when I was dreading another trip to the laundry mat. I don’t use it for everything but it sure is handy to have when clean clothes are needed, now if only I could find a new dryer invention instead of hanging the clothes on a line.

Check it out for yourself especially if your like us and live in your RV

Scrubba Portable Laundry System Wash Bag

I save money and wash clothes wherever and whenever I want and when I’m done it folds down to pocket-size so I can just throw it under the bathroom sink. Things are finally coming along for us, it was a lot of trial and error although I do think in the beginning it was more error on our part. I still can’t give up the electricity and water hook ups but have learnt to adapt without cable TV and wifi, for now.


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