Winter is Fast Approaching!

Not to sure where we plan on staying over the winter, but it’ll have to be somewhere that we both like as well as central to most everything. We are thinking that it’s time we put down some roots for at least the next six months just in case it becomes a winter wonderland here on the South Coast. Time seems to get away from the both of us and we are going to put some temporary skirting around this old beast for the winter months so best we get on finding a winter home.

I can tell you that our hot water heater is holding up since Scott took it apart and was able to stop the leaking problem, but now the water pump is leaking and with it being under the couch it’s hard to access, that’s something we’ll be working on over the next few weekends. We have already re-sealed the roof and it looks like that worked since last night there was a heavy rain and my pillow didn’t get soaked like before. The fridge is still a piece of crap and never stays lit but that’s okay since we own a little bar fridge and once were hooked to electricity we’ll be using it instead.

buyer beware

When buying a used RV do your homework, we didn’t and now we are living in one rotten rundown home!

The dry rot in the wall is a big thing just noticed a large hole under the one window and I’m fairly certain that one day the entire side of the trailer will fall right off and with our luck being not the greatest right now chances are that’ll happen going down the freeway at some point in our travels, you know about Murphy’s law don’t you?  Some days I sit in here drinking my morning coffee and wonder to myself “what’s keeping the cupboards, microwave and the oven fan from falling” since that’s the side with all of the dry rot, you gotta know that they are attached to the wall somehow.

hole in wall

OMG look at this hole in the wall, it’s above the couch next to the window, only a matter of time before the cabinets are on the floor!

I don’t have a desire to talk to the guy that sold us this trailer, first off he would have known about all the issues and second we were newbies and didn’t know what to look for so as far as I’m concerned he took advantage of us regardless of how good he made the deal sound!

Luckily for us we have learnt a very valuable lesson and when it comes time to dump this trailer (and that’s what were going to do) we won’t be selling it to anyone knowing all the things that are wrong with it, we are not that mean or deceitful. I myself wouldn’t feel very good knowing that I sold this to someone and on their trip the wall fell away from the trailer, but not everyone has a conscious isn’t that obvious. Enough about that can’t do anything about this now except make a mental note to ourselves to never purchase anything ever again from this person!

rotting walls

Just a matter of time before the cupboards and cabinets come apart from the wall and fall to the floor, how much you want to bet this happens hauling it down the road, whenever we stop I take a deep breath before opening the door!

I really wanted to stay the winter at Emory Bar RV Park but that’s not going to happen since they won’t take run down trailers like the one we have, but on a plus note they will accept our dog “Orca” which not all parks will. Finding a RV park without to many rules isn’t as easy as one would think, but hopefully we’ll be able to stay at this one over the winter Brae Island Regional Park situated in Fort Langley, a little more central for Scott to get to work everyday. For me it doesn’t matter where we live over the winter I was lucky enough to pick up a job that I can do from the RV since I’m only dispatching and would only need access to wi-fi and cell service, I added more data to my cell so I’m good to go now as long as there’s a cell signal wherever we choose to be.

That’s about all the news I have these days, things haven’t really bothered me all that much but I think that’s because I’m working again and can get out to see people and have adult conversations. We are down to only the one dog now, found an awesome home for our female over on Mayne Island where she has settled in quite nicely and loves her new family, we still miss Karma but also know it was the best decision for her.

Helping the Homeless, the Right Thing to Do!!!

We were driving around the Fraser Valley yesterday during one huge rain storm and I’ve decided that all of the homeless out there need to have some type of shelter of their own. That way they’ll have a place to get out of the elements, below is an emergency  tent this would be perfect to hand out this year to the homeless, so now I’m on a crusade to supply these, if you’d like to help there’s a donate button on the side of my blog and it will only cost you $10.00 or buy one yourself and give it to someone in need in your neighbourhood.

  • Provides compact emergency protection in all-weather conditions.
  • Retains/reflects back 90% of body heat.
  • Reusable, waterproof and windproof.

Emergency Survival Mylar Thermal Reflective Cold Weather Shelter Tube Tent

It just seems like the right thing to do, even though we live in a rundown trailer with rotting walls we are still able to take shelter from the rain, wind and cold, doesn’t everyone deserve that no matter how small it is?


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