Christmas came Early this Year

Wow can’t believe that there’s only 52 days left until Christmas Day, where did the year go feels like yesterday that we started this RV living. In fact I can’t believe that I have lasted as long as I have, been doing this now for just over 5 months almost half a year.

We are about to embark on that dreaded season “Winter” and thank god we live here on the coast where most of the time it just rains with very little below freezing or snow. Still though we will have to do some kind of winterizing like maybe skirt around the bottom of the trailer to keep the wind out. I was told by another RV’er to have either an oil based heater or an electric one plus a fan that blows heat too that will help circulate the heat throughout the fifth wheel. Then to make sure that we put heat-tape around all the water lines, sewer pipes even the grey water pipe to avoid any type of freezing better to be safe then sorry in the end. Sounds like a lot of work in such a short time after all it’s already November 2nd not long now and before we know it December & January will be hovering in to take over.

Christmas came early for us this year so now that we spent all of our money there won’t be any point in buying each other gifts this year, can’t get anything that would be any better than a new home. We finally got rid of that old, dry rotted 1995 Rustler and moved up to a 2002 Citation with a slide out which I should mention if your thinking of moving into a RV make darn sure that you get a slide out. That my friends was our biggest mistake trying to live in a small fifth wheel with two adults and a 90 pound dog and trust me when I say it just didn’t work. Now the slide out makes a world of difference it’s like 100% better, there’s room to pass one another, two people can be in the kitchen at the same time, it’s all around that much easier to live with someone in a small space.


Out with the Old & In with the New

We were extremely lucky when we bought the new trailer, having a friend with a huge driveway to park them side by side so that we could transfer everything over was a huge blessing. I was a little bummed that it rained all day and it wasn’t until we had finished that someone on Facebook said “Hey open up one of the awnings between the trailers”, now why didn’t I think of that ugh we could have stayed dry all day. You might think that it shouldn’t take all that long to make the transfer heck even I thought that way until we started that is, who knew that two people could acquire so much crap in just a few short months, it felt like we’d never get finished.

I’m heading back to the bidding sites on Facebook next week, even though the trailers are the same size 26′ long and with the slide out omg we have way to much junk that’s not even worth hauling around with us from site to site. It’s time to let go of the past and move on with the future, we want to drive across Canada in the spring and there’s no way we’re hauling all this with us time to cut it all loose.

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It might not be the kitchen your used too but it sure is nice to have that extra room I can’t stress that enough if your going to live in a RV make sure you get a slide out you’ll be thankful in the end that you did. I know that we sure learned early on that we had made a huge mistake actually more than one but there’s no point in complaining about that old rundown trailer anymore than I already have its long gone and we couldn’t be happier. I myself don’t like the bench tables, I guess if you need that extra bed then by all means the bench is the way to go, but we don’t and the free-standing table and chairs works way better for us. I’m even going to put two of the chairs in storage so that we can free up even more space now that I’ve turned the table opposite of what you see here in the pictures. This will allow for either a small bookcase or some type of shelving to go between the table and the couch giving us a little more storage for things like blue-ray movies, family pictures or maybe more important things like extra food or water, we’ll see I haven’t had the time since moving in to actually decide what I should do with that little extra space.

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I think we made the right move and even though we’d like to have a much larger fifth wheel we had to get what our truck is capable of towing. That’s another thing you need to consider especially if your leaning towards a trailer instead of a motorhome, how much weight can your truck, car or SUV haul. Our truck is capable of towing 10,000 pounds so our trailer’s dry weight comes in at 8,000 pounds we’re good but we are going to spend the extra money and install airbags just to help our truck out that much more. We could have towed a much larger trailer but after looking at something like 30+ floor plans we just couldn’t break away from the feel of the fifth wheel. There’s just something about a fifth wheel that makes us feel like we are at home, it’s so hard to describe and one day when I have a little more time I’ll go through that with all of you.

This is the heater that I should get for our fifth wheel since it oscillates for wide area heating and even comes with a permanent dust filter which might be great with the dog also staying inside. You just never know what the dog will do when were not home so I’m glad that it exceeds industry safety standards has a tip-over switch & overheat protection. 

Honeywell HCE322V Digital Ceramic Whole Room Tower Heater, Black

It’s been raining NO not raining, pouring here the past three days and if our new trailer was ever going to leak like the old one did it would have been during these past three days. I’m happy to report not even the slightest sign of a leak unless you leave the roof vent open like I did the other day. Well that’s about all I have time for tonight I realize that I haven’t written a post in quite sometime but I’m sure you know how that is when life gets the better of you and time isn’t cooperating. I was going to leave you with a farewell video that I took as the Rustler headed out down the driveway but that’ll have to be another day haven’t quite figured out how to get it on my Macbook Pro from my phone, but I will come back and share it with all of you soon, in the meantime thanks for reading.


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