Spring is Here the Birds say So!

I’ve been feeling a little grounded lately so we know its time to make a change. We’ve been living in our 5th wheel for 324 days now and to be honest it really doesn’t feel much different then living somewhere and paying rent. Yes, in the beginning it was a total nightmare and with us being complete newbies, that really didn’t help much and now things are good, well most everything.

Our new 5ft wheel doesn’t seem to have a very big holding tank for the fresh water at least that’s what I think. Seems like every time I want to take a shower wouldn’t you know it there just isn’t any water, I’ll be completely happy to be hooked up directly to a water source, after all filling the tank takes time which I seem to have very little of these days.

We took a drive over the weekend and visited the Emory Bar RV park just outside of Hope BC and this could very well be our next home for awhile. They have a general store, produce market, gift store, liquor store, ATM machine, gas station, a deli, the cafe, laundromat and even showers plus lets not forget the wifi and satellite TV. Kinda reminded me of a tiny town all in itself then walk across the street and your in heaven with the Fraser river and all of it’s fishing just minutes away.

I do have a question for all of you experienced RV’ers and that is Why do the birds always want to get in through our windows? Everyday there’s at least one bird sometimes two that sit at the window pecking at the glass. I’ve tried everything I can think of to keep them away from the windows and yet it starts all over again the very next day unless it’s raining. As much as I enjoy watching birds this gets annoying over time not to mention the scratches on the window from their little feet as they cling to the window. I don’t recall having this problem last year although it was early summer when we moved into the first fifth wheel we started out living in. Hopefully someone will be able to tell me what to do or even why they think its a good idea to come inside. 

I think we need to hook up and fly the coop so to speak and head down to the river for some good old fashion camping, sit out by the fire, drink some beer and just smell the great outdoors. 


After all who doesn’t love rest, relaxation, solitude and just good old fashion peace and quiet. I know that I could sure use a break from everyday life just to bad I can’t take a break from cell phones and computers. I was lucky enough to find a good paying job working from our RV so basically as long as I have cell service and some type of internet I can pretty much go anywhere and camping is on my list. 

That’s about all I have for tonight but as we get more into the summer months along with  trying to find a new place to park the RV this year my posts should get a little more exciting and maybe not as bleak as they were in the beginning of this adventure we chose to embark on. 


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