Twists & Turns a Part of Life!

As 2017 quickly starts to fade away I thought to myself “maybe I should spend the day wrapping up some loose ends” and what a better way to start the day, drink coffee and write a story!

My husband and I have lived in our 5th wheel for 542 days now and NO it wasn’t all that great in the beginning, so many things have changed since that very first day we decided that we didn’t want to pay large amounts of rent anymore. I’ll do a quick wrap up of the past year for those of you that have just joined our RV life style.

  • In the beginning if something was going to go wrong it did, from rotting walls to broken hot water tanks.
  • We had to give away our dog “Karma”, she didn’t like change and couldn’t copt with all of the moving around, that was hard for us BUT better for her.
  • I was able to get a full-time job working from within the 5th wheel, we were back to having a second income.
  • We bought a newer used 5th wheel within 3 months, one with a slide, more windows and no rot.
  • We lost our best friend “Orca” this past August sad story, there’s a blog on that, still makes me cry to this day.
  • This summer we spent moving around from RV park to RV park in and around our city. This was a good way to entertain that feeling of boredom, never was a dull summer.
  • Our family grew after we added two new additions, so once again we are a family of four. They are a handful no doubt about it BUT we love them just the same.
  • Fall/Winter came up on us quickly so without scrambling to much we were able to find a winter parking spot, thanks to an employee that bumped us to the top of the waiting list.
  • I quit my job, even with working from the RV the stress was to much to handle, dispatching employees is something I don’t recommend, it takes a toll on your sanity.

There you have the past 542 days in a quick summary, if you want to know more you’ll have to read all of my past posts.


I often ask myself “are you happy?” The answer is yes BUT (there’s always a but), I find myself bored! It takes like a half hour to clean the RV and with me not working that leaves 10 – 12 hrs before the hubby gets home from work. Even cooking dinner has become less of a chore with the new Instant Pot so with all of this time on my hands that can only lead to one thing BORED!!!

The new little puppies “Barbas” & “Gizmo” are great with relieving some of the boredom BUT with them not catching on to the housebreaking idea they don’t get to have the run of the RV just yet. I did have to rearrange the entire RV to make room for their Richell Convertible High Playpen which they can’t get out of yet! Every other one I have tried they seemed to always climb over, this one I bought from Amazon and it seems to be working. They still think that the inside of the RV is their private bathroom and with such a tiny space it can smell bad pretty fast.

We chose to go smaller this time when adding our new sons to the family after all living in the 5th wheel with “Karma” at 120 lbs and “Orca” at 90 lbs was a little tough especially in the beginning without the slide BUT we managed because we loved them!

Both puppies won’t grow to be very big 18 lbs at most each, so the perfect size for living in a RV, will be a glorified day when they finally learn what going outside means!

Since I have way to many hours in a day to do absolutely nothing I decided a few weeks back to join Epicure and start cooking and eating the healthy way, maybe I could prolong the passing of my life you might say, I doubt it BUT it’s a good way to think! Actually truth be told I was kinda hoping it went take away some of my boredom, it hasn’t so I’m right back at square one BORED with life!


People often ask if we ever have any regrets about our decision of moving into a 5th wheel with little to no space, the answer is YES!

It’s not for everyone, it takes a lot of courage to part with all of your treasured belongings that you’ve worked so hard over the course of your life to accumulate, taking only actual things you need to get by with. I wouldn’t say we have many regrets I think the biggest one for me (not sure how hubby feels) is that we didn’t move out to the Emory Bar RV Park when we had the chance, we let life get in the way with our decision of moving there.

Life always has away of working out in the end so who knows maybe next year I’ll be writing a post from out there instead of Langley ha ha!!!


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