About Us

Moving from our Mobile Trailer


Here you have it our mobile trailer is almost empty, I’m saying well over 90% we still have a few odds and ends to clear out either over to the storage unit or in the RV.

This is 2 bedrooms with all your normal rooms, dining, living, kitchen and of course the bathroom. There is a garage that also was full, seems that when ever we have a garage we stock pile more and more junk!

Then there’s the yard maintenance you know mowing the lawn and around here it seems we are doing it every 2nd weekend, like there’s nothing better to do in life

Moving to the 5th Wheel RV


Downsizing has been the hardest thing I think I’ve ever had to do watching everything being sold off or given away. But then I try to remind myself that when we’ve moved in the past it seemed that we needed to beg our friends to help or at times demanding that they give us a hand, after all there is only the two of us.

The bright side we will never have to pack, rent a truck, load the truck, drive to the new home, unload the truck and then unpack once again, moving has to be one of the worse jobs that I can think of. That is one thing that I myself won’t miss and I’m sure Scott won’t either!