Banana Bread is Simple to Make when you use Frozen Bananas

When I’m ready or have enough banana’s for the bread I take the banana’s out and let them thaw at room temperature, once thawed they are mushy which makes it so much easier to make banana bread with, just peel and scoop out the banana with a spoon into your bowl.

I should warn you they will turn a dark black after their frozen but not to worry your only cooking with them. They are still very usable for almost any recipe that calls for bananas and most recipes call for mashed bananas so after being frozen and thawed they are basically already mashed, I just use a spoon to scoop out the banana into the bowl I’m using.

Banana bread is the simplest bread that you can make, and very delicious. It’s almost next to impossible to end up with a bad loaf unless you totally burn it.


Ripe bananas that we won’t eat


Frozen bananas thawing for baking

Bananas that are on the ripe side I freeze instead of throwing them away, they always look little on the black side when I take them out of the freezer but a lot easier to mash up for baking.

Banana Bread Recipe with Frozen Bananas

This is our favorite banana bread recipe and it sure doesn’t last long around here after the baking is completed

Prep time 10 min  –  Total time 70 min

Ingredients for 6 servings
2 Cups Flour  • 3/4 Cup Sugar  • 1 Teaspoon Baking Powder  • 1 Teaspoon Salt  • 2 Eggs  • 3 Medium Frozen Bananas

This is a very simple banana bread recipe, quick and easy to make. I try to make this banana bread at least once a week if we have banana’s in the deep freeze. My husband prefers his banana bread on the darker side, so I usually leave it in the oven a few minutes longer, this doesn’t change the texture of the inside it still comes out moist on the inside.

  • Mash banana’s in large mixing bowl with a fork or a masher
  • Add the eggs in with the banana’s and mix well
  • Mix all the dry ingredients in a separate bowl
  • Add dry ingredients to mashed banana mixture, mix well
  • Pour into greased loaf pan
  • Bake at 350 degrees for 1 hour

If you want the outside to be a little darker like in the picture leave it in for an extra five or ten minutes until you get the color you want, the inside will remain moist.


Author’s Personal Photo

Banana Bread Builds an Orphanage

Here in British Columbia where I live did you know that Banana Bread built an orphanage, read the story about a woman who lives in my area, how she started a personal crusade to help build an orphanage in Uganda. Barb is going crazy for bananas she has spent hours baking banana bread and selling her loaves so that the proceeds would go to the building of the orphanage. Banana loaves help to build orphanage was on our local news and as far as I’m aware Barb is still in her kitchen baking up a storm.

Not only do they taste good, and build orphanages did you know that bananas contain three natural sugars: Glucose, Fructose and Sucrose along with the fact that they are also high in Potassium and contain Vitamin C and Vitamin B6, so why not bake a loaf of banana bread today it tastes simply yummy and the kids will love it!

I like the Fact that this Bread can be Baked in Almost any Shaped Pan

I like to make more mini loafs, that way I can throw them in the freezer and my husband just grabs one in the morning for his lunch. By lunchtime they are completely thawed out and he just adds either plain butter or if he remembers his small container he has peanut butter.  My pan of choice is the Fox Run Mini Loaf Pan that way I can make 8 individual mini loaves at one time.

Author's Personal Photo

Author’s Personal Photo

I like to eat mine right away when it comes out of the oven that way the butter melts and it’s still warm. We also like ours a little on the darker side so I’ll leave it in the oven for an extra ten minutes. If there’s one bread that you can’t ruin that would be banana bread, sometimes it could be a little dry if cooked to long, although I’ve never had that happen, we always enjoy moist banana bread. So whether you using mini pans, round pans or the regular size loaf pan you’ll always enjoy the aroma that comes from baking banana bread.


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