Best Solar and Hand Cranked Lanterns

Solar and Hand-Crank Flashlights and Lanterns

Recent events like tornadoes, floods, blizzards, and hurricanes have shown us that

flashlight wind and goeveryone should have at least a few emergency items – like a good light source – on hand.

A hand-crank lantern is a great thing and much safer than putting a lit candle in a child’s room. And you know that campers will love these.

I go camping every spring and summer and each year I learn something new to either bring or to make the packing up just that much easier. I have decided that using a solar powered flashlight works for me and my family on our camping trips.

Solar and Hand Crank Lanterns

When the power goes out be prepared

Sometimes you need a big light – a light bright enough to illuminate a room, tent, or camper. The more LED lights, the better. We have a hand-crank lantern and it is fine for reading something short – it’s not quite bright enough to read a whole novel comfortably with just one lantern. Having a couple of these in the camper kit is a great idea.


Solar Powered Flashlights

Solar power helps the environment no more throwing away batteries

We all need to do our part to save the environment whether that means discarding of batteries the right way or using solar power.


Hand Crank and Wind-up Flashlights

Great for those weekend camping trips

There should be a hand-crank flashlight in every car, motorhome, and every house. Anyone who camps could use one of these flashlights and they make a great gift for kids, uncles, or dads.

Energizer Solar Lantern Review

The best lantern review watch this video all about one of the top lanterns

Energizer Ready Lanterns

These are great for camping, boating, hiking and they all have a carry handle

These are the top selling flashlights for those power outages, or even on your camping trips. Take one and use it in your RV or just keep it handy for the outhouse trip

Flashlights For Kids

Little lights that are perfect for little people

Flashlights and kids are always a happy combination but, let’s face it, kids can wear out a lot of batteries. These hand-crank lights are the perfect solution – letting you encourage exploration and empowering your kids to vanquish the darkness

solar lantern

What I Have in my Home, Car and RV Trailer

Since we lose our power on a regular basis during the fall and winter I have a few different light sources in my home which includes 2 solar powered flashlights, 2 battery operated stick on lights and of course a couple of emergency candles with waterproof matches.

Other than the stick on lights our RV and minivan also have 2 solar powered flashlights each that is just a security feature for me in case one decides that it no longer wants to work. The worse thing is breaking down at night on a deserted road and not having any light source except for the flashlight on my iPhone and personally I wouldn’t want to drain the battery on my phone just in case I’m stuck out there for a few hours.

Do you own any type of lighting source in case you loose power

Are You Prepared In Case Of An Emergency?


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