Black Cat Superstitions Something to Worry About

I owned my black cat for fourteen years and never thought much about it, but when a black cat darted out in front of me one day on my way home from work I decided to look into it a little bit more.

I needed to know if black cat superstitions were in fact real or fiction, the one in the picture is mine, and let me be the first to admit he was crazy as a kitten. So nuts in fact that I gave him the name “Tornado” that actually came to me when I experienced one first-hand few years back while living in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Another thing you should know about Tornado my cat, he was born on Halloween and I do believe that’s why he has an attitude.

When he was a kitten up to about two years old he used to bite people he didn’t know, thank goodness he outgrew that, he was a mean black cat for quite a while and even my friends were afraid of him. So if this is a true statement then I’m really in trouble, my black cat crosses my path every day and more times than I can count.

black cat

I always knew there had to be a reason why luck wasn’t on my side, could it possibility be that he is double unlucky for me being a Halloween baby and black.

Britain has their own Black Cat Superstition

If a black feline crosses your path, it’s supposed to be good luck

With all of these black superstitions for good luck, you would think that people like me that own one would never have to worry about anything, aren’t we suppose to have all of the luck in the world.

  • If you own one of these felines, you’ll have good luck on your side, heck mine has been around years where’s my good luck
  • If one greets you at the door, again who came up with this my cat greets me every day and still my luck, not the greatest
  • When one enters your home, wow you would think I’d be the luckiest person around if this was true
  • Touching or petting a black cat, I’m starting to think that my black cat really isn’t black at all since there isn’t a day that goes by where I don’t pet Tornado and if sleeping with me counts as touching then seriously I should be the luckiest person in the world, oh WAIT I am he’s my cat!
black cat superstition

Tornado passed away in 2014 at the age of fourteen, I miss him everyday

Americans and their Superstitions

When a black cat walks by it is thought to be bad luck

Now, this is more like it since these happen to me on a regular basis with owning one, now I know why they say black cat superstitions is for bad luck. Since me and my cat live in Canada that puts us closer to our American neighbors and I’ll be the first to tell you that if it wasn’t for all of the bad luck I have I wouldn’t have any at all.

    • If you meet one in the morning, maybe that’s why my luck isn’t the greatest I meet a black cat every morning
    • When a black feline turns it’s back on you, Tornado will do this only if I try to feed him something he doesn’t like, guess I had better get it right
    • If one walks onto your property and you try to scare it away, now it’s nice to know that I never do this thank goodness it doesn’t apply to me
    • If you walk under a ladder right after a black feline does, another one that lets me off the hook we don’t leave ladders up around the yard

Find out how many people really do believe in such superstitions

Superstition of these Cats

What’s your opinion about this topic, comment at the end of this article

There are people out there that really do believe in such nonsense, that’s why in Canada where I live the SPCA stops adoptions of black cats around the time of Halloween, there is a fear that they will get used as a living decoration for one night, or even the very worst tortured and then dropped off somewhere on the side of the road.

Every year on Halloween we used to keep Tornado in the house so he wasn’t caught and used for some weird Halloween superstition ritual.

black cat paper towel holder
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 Black Cat & Dog Paper Towel Holder


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