Charging Stations for Busy Households

The charging valet is a great idea to help you charge a few of your electronics batteries all at the same time. Whether it’s your cell phone battery or that digital camera you can charge the batteries all in one spot. I was lucky to receive a battery charging valet system as a gift and have no idea how I managed to live without one.

The electronic charging valet that I received charges my cell phone battery, digital camera battery, my bluetooth headset and there’s even a spot for my husband’s cell phone and headset. It came with its own power bar that hides perfectly under the charging dock and there’s room for six plugs.


Simply put a charging station is a must have in any home

More Than A Charging Station

The charging system that I have to charge the electronics batteries also has a small shelf that I use for silly stuff like my cigarettes, lighters and even spare change. But did you know you could even use it has a platform to hold another camera, headset or maybe your family has three or four cell phones.

Haven’t seen one yet watch this video it will help you see them in action

Why I like my Charging Valet

  • With mine I’m able to Hide all those cords under the compartment lid which makes a huge difference, no more power cords laying on my counter top and the best part I don’t have to unplug one thing to charge another battery.
  • Charging digital cameras is very easy to do using this great electronic charging valet, the digital camera sits very nicely on one of the top platforms or even on the small shelf that I use for storing extra stuff.
  • Even if friends pop over for a visit and have the same phone as you, they can now charge theirs while they’re visiting just in case they forgot their own charging cord.
  • Mine comes complete with a handy little drawer which I seem to use regularly for storing small change, lighters and just about anything that will fit keeping my counter top clutter free.

Charging Stations Vary

I keep mine on the kitchen counter and haven’t looked for a lost cord since the day I received this, there was a time that the cords always seemed to be misplaced. I couldn’t be more pleased with this gift it has saved me, and because I walk by it regularly I never forget to put my phone on the charger!


This one has a surge protection power bar hidden underneath the unit

I think every family could use at least one of these useful charging valet stations for all of the electronics in their household. Important to note that if you live in a RV like we do, then you need to be hooked to electricity for it to work. 


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