Dodge Grand Caravan Stow N Go can be Used as a Home

We started looking around at the Dodge Caravans, but were still very undecided on whether we really wanted to own a minivan. We didn’t look at any other types of minivans, the dodge caravan was the only body style we liked if we were going to invest in a minivan.

9929414_f260One day I was searching the local car lots here in my city when I came across an ad for a 2005 Dodge Grand Caravan with Stow N Go seats. We had never heard of Stow N Go seats since we really weren’t all that interested in owning a minivan, we decided maybe it was worth checking out and guess what happened after that. I just can’t believe we waited so long to buy a minivanI was driving a 1987 Honda Legend for the past year, that a friend had given us when he moved away. Free is always the way to go if at all possible, but we were missing out on all the summer events like camping for an example. The legend was just to small for the both of us, our two dogs (that weigh over 100lbs each) and all of our camping equipment. We used to own a motorhome but when the price of gas was raised to $1.40 a litre we decided to sell it.

Our Dodge minivan comes with the stow and go seating. It can actually seat seven people, two in the front, two in the middle row and three in the back row. We’ve never used the back row and most likely never will, you can see their still stowed in the floor of the van. The reason for that is we’ve added a barrier and have given that area to our two dogs “Orca” and “Karma”.

The middle seats and the back row all fold into the floor, that’s where the stow and go comes from. We have used the middle seats for people to sit and now their stowed into the floor again, keep reading you’ll see why.

2005 Dodge Grand Caravan Stow N Go – What are the chances

I found this video on youtube and it shows you the exact same Dodge Caravan that we purchased, the same color, same year and with the Stow N Go seats.

Seats Stored In The Floor Where they’ll stay for about a month or two while we Camp


We recently went on a camping trip and were so surprised on how much our van really held. Not only did the dog’s kennels go on the roof of our van, all of our camping equipment fit into the van along with the dogs. We also had a futon mattress stored in the van with all the totes and coolers that we needed to take.

The best thing about our van is we don’t have to take the time and remove the seats like most people have too. We don’t have to store them in our garage to be ruined by the cats that are sometimes trying to hide in the garage, just fold them into the floor and off we go.

 Who Doesn’t Love This Popular Minivan


It’s hard to believe that the inside of our van it was able to hold both our dogs (weighing over 100lbs each), and all the camping gear we’ll ever need. Not to mention chairs, and like I said earlier even a futon mattress that by the way doesn’t fold up into a small square like the traps do. Plus we had not one but two carpets that were 6×9 to use under our dogs kennels (yes their spoiled).
We are so happy with the purchase of our 2005 Dodge Grand Caravan that I just had to write about it, I wanted to share all the good points about owning and being a minivan driver.

I did forget to mention that once all of the camping gear was unloaded and the dogs were safe in their kennels we removed the barrier in the van, this allowed us to put down the futon mattress and use the back of the van as our sleeping quarters. We are not small people and I can tell you that we both slept very comfortable with room to spare.

Mini Van Storage


Our dodge van didn’t come with the console in the front between the seats, some will come straight from the factory with one already installed, but we bought our dodge minivan used. I find the Plug N Go is the best top of the line console for your dodge caravan or almost any size minivan, just be sure to check the dimensions to ensure a proper fit.

Traded in our Dodge Minivan

That summer we traded in the van you’ve seen throughout this article and you’ll never guess what we got next. We bought another Dodge Caravan with the stow n go seats only now it’s a 2015 and we chose to get a black one, it also came fully loaded with it’s own built in entertainment centre.

It plays DVDs and Blue Rays plus has heated seats, heated steering wheel and best of all it came fully loaded with a towing package so now were off to buy a towable RV trailer, no more sleeping in the van although we still could!!! If you don’t have a media centre built into your minivan there are options. My favourite is the Ultra Thin Dual Headrest Portable DVD Player that way both me and the hubby have our own.

More room than you’ll ever need, this little van can hold more things than you could ever imagine!


Driving around town is one thing, but what if you want to take the family on a road trip. I know for myself that road trips are long and with nothing to keep me busy I get restless. My only regret is that I wish these headrest monitors were available when my kids were young, road trips would have been so much more pleasurable.

Did You Know: The Dodge Caravan is the number one stolen vehicle worldwide

I can actually see why since they are the most versatile vehicle out there on the market today. Whether you have a house full of kids, love camping or need a cheap place to live (yes they work for that too), there are videos out there to show you how to set up your minivan for living in.


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