Dog Pens When Safety Matters

Featuring dog pens suitable for small and large dogs, some for indoor use, some for outdoor use, some that can be both.

dog kennel

There are times when you want to contain your dog while allowing them enough room to move around or to rest.

Perhaps you want to give them fresh air out in the backyard without putting them at risk, maybe you have puppies you want to keep in one area, while they are being house trained.

Whatever your reasons are it’s always better to be safe then sorry when it comes to your best friend and companion’s safety!

Reasons We Own A Dog Pen

We bought these dog pens for our dogs own protection, we love them and yes, they are spoiled. Both of them have their own dog pen or kennel as some people call them.

The dog pens that we own are very easy to put up and take down, there are four sides to this pen, two sides are four feet long and two sides are six feet long, with them all being four feet high. One of the six foot pieces has a gate which does lock for added protection. They all fit together by putting each piece inside of the other, one will have a hook and the other a hole for the hook to insert into. This dog pen is easy to take with you where ever you go.

dog kennel 1

In this particular picture you can see we made beds that we fill with fresh hay regularly, I even added the tarp with bungee cords for more of an enclosed relaxed home, it also helps to stop my dogs from climbing over.

These dog kennels are set up in the garage of our home and we only use them when the weather is bad outside or if we are at work, we do have a large fenced yard with a doghouse BUT people tend to sneak around stealing dogs from their yards around here where I live.

Why Own A Dog Pen or Kennel

  • Getting a new puppy, indoor dog pens are great for house training
  • Indoor dog pens can be used for a playpen for the new puppy so you will always know where he or she is
  • Your female dog had a litter of puppies and now their old enough to be taken outside, an outdoor pen is a great way to exercise the whole litter
  • Don’t have a backyard that’s fenced, use an outdoor dog pen instead of chaining your dog to a tree
  • Camping with your dog, a portable outdoor dog pen is simple and easy to assemble, allowing your dog a little more freedom than being chained up to the picnic table

Camping With A Portable Dog Pen

Our dog kennels go everywhere we go

With our dog kennels being so portable and easy to assemble they go with us everywhere.

These pens are better for my dogs then being tied to a tree or fence post. I’m not a huge fan of seeing other dog’s that are always chained up, in fact my neighbours German Shepherd lives on a chain and it’s so very sad to see.

dog kennel 2

We love going camping with our dogs and as you can see they have a home away from home. You can’t see it in this picture BUT they also have a large piece of indoor/outdoor carpet that goes on the ground under their dog pens.

These are just a holding area mainly when we’re cooking dinner, our dogs are always taken for long walks, they go swimming, play fetch and whatever else there is to do. They are a huge part of the family so we make them as comfortable as possible when camping.

Dog Pens Useful For Puppies

When our female Karma first had her puppies it really wasn’t a big deal, they stayed in the spare room of our house in a whelping box. But that didn’t last very long, soon they were jumping out of the whelping box and running a muck.

dog kennel 3

That only lasted about a week until I came up with this amazing idea, and since it was wintertime I knew they couldn’t be moved to the garage there was no heat out there.

Our house isn’t very big, but there was one room it would work in the dining room, so I stored all the dining room furniture in the garage and brought in Karma’s dog pen. I lined the floor with plastic tarp and built the dog pen over top of the tarp, this gave the puppies a place to play that was big enough for them and Karma.

It was also very useful keeping the puppies in one place while Karma was outside or taking a break from motherhood.

Puppy Safety – Useful to give the puppies some outdoor fun

When you don’t have a fenced yard a pen is a great idea for puppies. That way they can’t run off if lets say a car back fires or there’s thunder, a loud noise will scare them causing them to run in fear.

This is by far my favourite puppy pen not only does it have a very nice top closure to help give some shade on a hot sunny day, it also helps if all of a sudden your little guy/girl is caught out in the rain and so easy to set-up and fold-down with no tools needed a convenience for you.

Portable Pet Pens Keep Your Dog Safe

We take our portable dog kennels with us on all trips

I only added this picture so that you could see how we’re able to take our dog pens with us while on our camping trips. We no longer own this motorhome and for awhile before getting our fifth wheel we still took these with our Dodge Caravan minivan.

dog kennel 4

Needless to say it’s a little more work, lifting the pen pieces onto the roof racks of the van then making sure their all tied down with rope. But like we said earlier –

We know our dogs are SPOILED!

We Call Them Dog Kennels – Not everyone calls them kennels

Comment below with what you call these doggy exercise pens

  • Dog Kennel
  • Dog Pen
  • Dog Playpen

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