How to Play the Game of Crokinole

When I say a game for big kids I’m actually meaning the adults that are kids at heart. Here at my house, this game is played almost every weekend, which is set up in the garage. This Crokinole board doesn’t actually belong to us it was brought over here one night about three years ago and never left.

I have tried to play the game a few times which is for two to four players, so there are the times that my husband and his friends need a fourth player. Personally, the game has little to no excitement for my liking, I prefer a game that has more action but my husband and his friends can’t seem to get enough maybe crokinole is more of a guys game.

It doesn’t seem to matter the age of the guys that come over here to get in on this board game, they seem to enjoy trying to beat each other. Or maybe it’s the fact that they only play crokinole when their drinking beer and that’s the reason that they find this game so fascinating, whatever the reason this board game is well used here at my house.


This board came to our house and never left

What does Crokinole mean

That was my only question about this game since it has a weird name, and the spelling looks like it’s something out of a Star Wars movie, so I had to look for the answer and this was the only thing I could come up with.

Now, this may or may not be true but it is said that Crokinole means Croquet In The Hole, which if you ask me makes no sense at all. I could understand if the name had something to do with those small wooden discs that you need in order to play the game.

Playing the Game of Crokinole

This is a fairly easy game and it doesn’t have much to it, there are only the board and little round wooden discs for playing. Then just line up the disc, flick it with your finger and try your hardest to have it slide across the board straight into the center hole, sounds easy enough! Concentration is the key to playing the game, trying to get that little disc into the center hole.

This game can make a great gift idea for birthdays, Christmas or maybe even a graduation gift, the reason I say that is you might have a son heading off to college, and it could be a popular game played in the dorms. This board game comes in different styles and like anything else it has a large price range depending on your budget. Although the board that we have here is old it never wears out and is made of a solid heavy wood, which is what you want in a crokinole board so I’m told by the professionals that play this game every chance they get.

I should warn you about this one thing, if your husband enjoys the game like mine does, then you’re in serious trouble because you won’t see him for hours as his friends try to beat him at this game. Below are a few pictures to show you just what I mean about playing this game, in one picture is a rookie trying to learn the art of playing Crokinole.


A rookie learning the rules of the game


My husband (left) is trying his hardest to teach our young friend the right way to play Crokinole


Looks like the rookie has mastered the game of Crokinole

The History of the Crokinole Game

Now you might be surprised to know that there isn’t a lot of information about this game, could it be because it was invented in Ontario, Canada.

The first Crokinole board was said to be made back in 1876 by a guy who’s name was Eckhardt Wettlaufer, but our friend says that the game goes as far back as the 1870’s although if you knew him you’d wonder how he would know that.

Rules and How to Play the Right Way

This is an excellent video to watch for those of you that have never heard of this board game. I actually watched it one day only because I thought our friend who owns the board was cheating.

You never know if someone that knows what their doing is just making up the rules as the game is in play. It turned out after I viewed the video that yes, in fact, he was playing with all the right rules, I couldn’t believe it he wasn’t cheating and did show us how to play the game the right way!

Did you know: the majority of the Crokinole Boards

are an Eight Sided Polygon

 What do you think, would you Play the Game of Crokinole?


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