Learning the Basics of Belly Dancing for Beginners

I have decided to try my hand at this type of dancing, I hear that it’s good for some form of exercise which I desperately need these days. Now because I had no idea where or how to start, so I had to purchase the DVD for beginners to help get me started. I haven’t actually tried it out yet, I was waiting for the right moment when I was home alone, I wouldn’t want my family laughing and giggling as I make a complete fool of myself.

I’m thinking that it can’t be all that hard to learn the art of this style, I have watched the DVD with my daughter and she thinks that she can accomplish it but then heck she’s thirty years younger than me. I’m just hoping that when I do start I don’t end up pulling a muscle, I’m the type of person that’ll try anything at least once.

The Basics about this Type of Dancing

In the past, belly dancing was usually associated with certain cultures and traditions and within modern times this style of dancing has become increasingly popular for its health benefits and simply as a form of fun and entertaining exercise.

For generations, traditional dancers have typically worn beautiful attire such as brightly coloured, flowing bright garments. Many of the dancers accessorize with such items as scarves, veils and small brass finger cymbals which are commonly worn and used when dancing. In olden days, women would even wear belts made with actual coins that represented the wealth of her family. This made the family’s money portable in cases where the woman may have to flee quickly. Although those days are gone, today’s women can still experience a bit of the past by wearing today’s modern versions of belly dance wear.

Today’s modern woman has a large variety of beautiful dancing costumes and as well as accessories to choose from, these outfits can make you feel like your beautiful as you dance your way to a toner body.

Learning how to Belly Dance on the Ellen Show

If Ellen can learn to do this type of dancing so can I, just not sure what has made me wait so long.

You would think that if I was going to learn something new especially dancing that I would have taken it up back when I had more energy and didn’t have a sluggish feeling on a daily basis since this form of dance is going to require energy and a lot of it from me.

Turn Belly Dancing into a Hobby

At this point in my life, I’m not sure if I’ll go to the extreme of actually wearing the costumes, don’t get me wrong they are just stunning and look like they’d be a lot of fun to wear. Had I taken this up say around thirty years ago I probably would have owned a few different ones, I really like the earth tones or even a few of the black ones.

belly dancing 2

But sadly the day has finally come when I realize that some things I just shouldn’t attempt to wear!

Want to Learn a New Way to Dance

I have the DVD “Belly Dance First Steps” this is the one that I chose when I wanted to take up this form of dancing. There are lots of different ones out on the market made especially for the beginner so picking one is more of a personal choice.

Have you tried this form of dancing if not would you ever consider trying it? 

Comment below with your Favourite form of Dancing

  • Country especially the ever popular Line Dancing
  • Doing the Waltz
  • How about the Twist
  • Belly Dancing all the way for me

Or do you think I’m just plain crazy for trying this type of dancing!


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