Living the RV Lifestyle

You’ve all heard about people who want to get away from the traditional way of living and if you haven’t I’m about to tell you my story. It was in early March 2016 when a friend came to us, my husband and me and said: “hey I have a 5th wheel RV for sale do you want it”? At that time we simply said no but a few weeks later he asked again so we decided what the heck maybe it’ll work out for us and since it was only two thousand dollars what did we have to lose.

At the end of March, it was even delivered right to our home, we were renting a 2 bedroom mobile trailer at the time for twelve hundred and fifty dollars a month plus the utilities and even though both of us were working it always seemed like we were living payday to payday.

Now granted it just sat in our driveway for an entire month before we decided that maybe we should sell off everything and move into the 5th wheel, it could be a money saver right!


Derby Reach campground, Langley BC, Canada

Will the Cost of RV Living be Cheaper than Renting our Home

We really didn’t look into this much since there’s always so much hype about living in tiny houses and RV living to save money

Basically we jumped in with both feet and forgot to take the time to actually do our research, we had no idea what we’re really getting into. For the first timer like us be sure to read and read some more about the lifestyle when it comes to living on the road in a RV.

We didn’t look at the big picture that’s because all we saw was the $$$ sign. Let me show you what we thought would be staying in the bank every month. 

  • Rent $1200.00 (for a 2bdrm trailer on farm land)
  • Electricity $100.00 (this is on the monthly equal plan)
  • Heat $100.00 (also every month on the equal plan)
  • Cable/Wifi $250.00 (here our cable company is outrageous)
  • Vehicle Insurance $600.00 (we had a car and the minivan)

Add all of that up and technically we should be able to save almost $2250.00 not including the groceries in the bank each and every month. But there still is the truck insurance $400.00 every month and now the fifth wheel insurance which is only $125.00 every three months (not bad considering life in a RV full-time is suppose to be cheaper)

  • $2250.00 (in savings from full time fifth wheel living)
  • – $400.00 (truck insurance, needed to pull the trailer)
  • – $41.00 (RV insurance roughly a month)
  • = $1809.00 (in savings account monthly)

At the time of writing this I can honestly tell you that since living the RV life on the road there is no extra money in the bank. With one thing after another, then winter being a bad one here on the coast of British Columbia (yes we lived through our first winter and lived to tell about it) not much has changed when it comes to the expenses. 

When You have to Make Those Hard Choices

It was sad watching everything we had worked so hard to acquire just fly out the door for almost next to nothing but in order to save money sacrifices had to be made, we didn’t want the added expense of any larger storage unit then need be.


Renting 2 bdrm mobile home $1200 a month and yes the landlords are selling the property

It didn’t take very long maybe a couple of weeks when all of our furniture sold to the point that we were sleeping in the 5th wheel but still paying the rent, crazy I know. I gave our thirty days notice to the landlords then proceeded to clean the place as we slept in the driveway.

I didn’t want to get rid of everything we owned like my Killer Whale collection knowing full well I couldn’t take it with me in the 5th wheel so I rented a small storage unit for $85.00 a month, it now sits full of everything precious to us from pictures to yes my collection.

I wasn’t all that convinced that we would live in the 5th wheel without starting to get claustrophobic so best to hold onto all of the things that meant something to us over the years.

Before you Decide on Full Time RV Living

I highly recommend doing some research this way of life isn’t for everyone and there was so many times that I wanted to go back to renting but then I decided to take up some reading and sure found this to help. The first book I read was RV Living a Practical Guide to the Full Time RV Life, this book was very insightful and it tells you about the different types of RV’s to help you decide which one could work for you. Another good book is RV Living Full Time it comes loaded with over 100 tips, secrets and resources to help you get started. 

We All Have to Make Sacrifices Even When We Don’t Like It

It was a sad day for me when we had to trade our 2015 Dodge Caravan in on the new Dodge Ram pickup just to haul around the 5th wheel. We went from having a fully loaded vehicle with heated and leather seats, GPS, DVD player, heated steering wheel along with stow and go seats just to name a few into a plain truck with nothing more then electric windows and air conditioning of course but that’s pretty much it.

I just wanted to cry the day we left it back at the dealership but in my head, I knew it wasn’t practical to keep the minivan.

The hubby had to scrap his car only because I refused to drive that small tin can, I would have had to follow the truck and trailer every time we decided to move and his car was a death trap!  We took it to the scrap yard one week after we moved into the RV and only got sixty dollars for it but I guess that was better than nothing and we were saving on the insurance cost.

The car is just one less headache to worry about when you are moving around week to week, no point in having more problems than need be. 

When you Start Full Time RVing it Can have Challenges

Moving from a large rented or owned home into a 26 foot RV does come with its share of obstacles to overcome and trust me when I say we have two of the biggest to work out. You see we have not one but two large breed dogs both are going on 12 years old so finding new homes wasn’t an option for us. One weighs in at 120 pounds and the second is roughly 90 pounds we weren’t too sure how they were going to cope living in a trailer that’s less than 400 square feet.

I had to give up my full-time job as a lane tech since my husband makes more money than I do and we would still have our truck payment, food and now propane to still buy or pay plus the insurance on both the truck and trailer.

But important to note leaving the dogs locked in a 5th wheel during the daytime for sometimes up to eight hours especially in the summer heat can’t be an option that would be like leaving them in a hot vehicle one of us had to stay home with them.

Let this New Full Time RVing Adventure Begin!

June 5th, 2016 was the day we finally pulled out of the driveway leaving all of our monthly commitments behind, no more rent, electricity, heat or cable/Internet bills to pay, we were free from the traditional way of life, so we thought.


We slept on the roadway for two nights it wasn’t overly busy except in the daytime, all semi traffic

The first two nights we sat on the side of the road where we ate our meals, slept and my husband even went to his job every day, we’re we finally living the life!


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