Deciding Which Way To Go!

We have decided that since we are living in our RV it needs to be bigger! We are carefully weighing all of our options especially since our truck is only capable of hauling a trailer that weighs in at 10,500lbs so 5th wheel trailers can be limited for us. We have managed to find two that will work and both are fairly simular when it comes to weight, floor plan and price. One is a 2012 Wind River $26,900 and the second one is a 2011 Durango $24,900 there isn’t much difference between the two other then a few hundred pounds and the Wind River has better shocks. Both come with a four year warranty and both only have the one slideout it’s a tough call on which one we’ll be calling home!

Okay it’s official we have decided after looking at both 5th wheels again the Durango is the way to go!

Turns out the Wind River doesn’t have the closet space, counter space or the same amount of cupboards and the Durango even had a larger bedroom. We stopped by this morning to get all the financing started, so hopefully by the middle of the week it’ll all come together.



The deal wasn’t ment to be seems it fell through a crack in the road.

If your thinking of living in a RV make sure you’ll have the room for everybody including your fur babies, that’s what our problem is there just isn’t enough room for the two of us plus the 100 lb plus dogs we have and quite frankly it’s just not fair to them. Make sure your prepared to live in a much smaller place then your used too, I get a little claustrophobic at times and can actually see the walls closing in on me. Makes me wonder at times did we make the right decision is there a transition period and if so how long does it take for everyone to adjust? I realize this way of life isn’t for everyone and maybe we just started to late in life!


This week we are parked in an industrial area of Langley along side the road, I suppose the only good thing about that is its free, still makes me wonder though how others living in their RV’S do it or even worst the people that live in their cars, vans and trucks that can’t be easy! I’m thankful for having a roof over my head with at the very least a full kitchen to use rain or shine although I should mention it sure is boring without electricity for the TV or wifi for the iPad, time for us to research satellites, not that it would be much help here on the roadside.


Should we go back to the conventional way of living, that’s the question I ask myself everyday!

The thing I keep trying to remind myself we are only into the third week so it’s best I play this out until at least the end of August, who knows maybe it does get easier with time once we sort out what works best for us!


All Good Things End Sooner Or Later!

Saturday is here tomorrow and I gotta say having electricity, running water and the use of the bathroom has been almost like a dream come true this past week.


But it’s time to move on, not sure where we’ll end up next week I’m hoping somewhere close to a working wifi, the days go fast but if I had wifi they would pass by even quicker. I did manage to get up at 4:30 am on Tuesday so I could drive Scott to work and have the truck but that was a lot of work and ended up being a long and tired day.

One Can Dream Right?

I decided to take a tour of 5th wheels that our truck is capable of hauling and Omg is all I have to say, some are more beautiful inside then any house I’ve ever lived in. The first one is simply amazing inside theres even a fireplace plus it’s ready for -20 come winter and has so many extras including two slide outs. While I was there I met another couple shopping for a trailer to live in, they told me that they were tired of living pay cheque to pay cheque and have decided it’s the best thing for their family.


The next one is 6 years old and half the price not as fancy but still pretty nice just the same. Has only one slide out and an extra large fridge which is a three way (the only way to go). With a three way it’ll work on propane, electricity and battery the one we have now is only a two way propane or electric and you all know it doesn’t like to work. I personally will make sure our next fridge is a three way and if your thinking of living in an RV that’s the fridge you’ll want. You might not always have electricity and if you run out of propane you’ll be able to switch it over to your RV battery which we always keep fully charged.


It’s becoming a way of life for more people than you can even imagine as they trade in their mortgage/rent payments to own their home!

This week I’ve met two different families one has moved here from Nova Scotia where they bought their trailer and now live here in the park with their two young kids while hubby works his day job. The second family just bought their trailer over the weekend and are slowly moving in during the daytime, they couldn’t afford to pay rent anymore here in Chilliwack. They had their trailer delivered by the sales place they bought it at because they only own the family car, two adults, two teenagers and two family dogs. It’s becoming increasingly popular for living saving people $1000’s of dollars a month.

Most people choose to put their trailers into RV parks and pay anywhere from $400 to $575 a month depending on the park and this includes the electricity, water, sewer hookup, basic cable and if you get the right park that can include wifi too. Some of them raise the monthly rent for the months of June, July, August and September but then those are the busy summer months. I know of two parks here that charge $870 during the summer then drop to $450 after school goes back in so it’s easy to see why more families are choosing the RV lifestyle.

I don’t mind the RV parks we just haven’t found the right one that we want to call home and I’m still trying to find someone with property who wouldn’t mind making a few extra hundred bucks a month by renting us a spot for our trailer. I would prefer that over a park and as long as we could get electricity and water that’s pretty much all we’d need, there’s companies that can empty our sewer tank you see their trucks everywhere and of course cable with wifi would just be a bonus. If you know someone that has property between Langley to Abbotsford send them our way or let them know we’re looking.

We’ll have to decide on a park and area before October so that we can winterize the trailer but until then we’re enjoying the change of scenery week to week.

So Much To Learn In Such A Short Time!

I’m thinking we should of tested out everything before starting this journey, sucks to be going into the second week only to find things aren’t what they seem!


First thing we learnt (important too) the wall between the awning and inside the trailer is dry rot, found that out when the awning fell out of the exterior wall putting it back in for moving. The next thing is the fridge (can’t live without one) seems it doesn’t work on electricity anymore and even to start it with propane takes two people. Today I’ll sit here without the fridge running (mental note to self, get fridge switch fixed). Can’t imagine how much that’s going to cost!


During our first week out it wasn’t a big deal we didn’t have the trailer hooked to water so when I washed dishes I would just boil water and use that to wash them. Today a whole new problem has reared it’s ugly head, went to use the tap to fill the sink only to learn it leaks! That’s right pours out of the tap all over the counter faster then it can fill the sink!


Today I’m feeling a bit ripped off not only with the trailer but with everything in general. It’s raining, I’m stuck in a RV park about 20kms from the nearest town without a vehicle (Scott took the truck to work), no fridge to keep the meat frozen which means I’ll have to cook up everything sometime today, tomorrow at the latest. The propane lighter ran out of fluid and with the matches in the truck won’t be lighting the stove anytime soon, stuck eating toast. The free wifi sucks big time here so if I wanted to post this blog entry I’d have to walk clear across the park to the laundromat in the pouring rain, not sure if that’s going to happen. My cell phone has less then 20% battery life, my fault I forget to take the charger out of the truck last night.


Looking for the positive side of the day, I hooked the Playstation to the TV so at least I can watch a movie or two. The dogs are laid back but that’s only because they know it’s raining outside! Being prepared for all the unknown things that could happen should be top priority on one’s list, wouldn’t you agree?

Today is not a great day for me and if
you’ve been thinking about living in a RV be prepared it takes a lot of energy, patience, a little knowledge couldn’t hurt and there will be times that you’ll  feel isolated or claustrophobic like I’m feeling right now!

Everyone Has To Make Sacrifices!

It’s quite the hassle owning two vehicles as we soon learned. Let’s use tomorrow as the example before we could even check out (same as motel 11am) we’d have to drive out the car find a legal spot to park it where it could stay for days should it need to. Then drive back to campsite, hookup trailer heading out to parts unknown.

After finding another spot sooner than later we’d have to go and get the car, I know what your thinking “why don’t I just follow along behind with the car”, that’s a great question but wait until you hear my answer.


This little white car is a death trap, I drove it the day we pulled out of the drive and if it wasn’t trying to put me in the ditch it would try to drive me right into the path of oncoming traffic, that was a white knuckle drive not to mention scary!


Today we made the decision it was just to much time and wasting gas to continue with the car, it took its last drive this afternoon (may it rest in peace) to the scrap yard. Bet your wondering how much we got for it ha ha wait till you read that a whopping $60.00 wow talk about being rich now.

We both agreed that a second pickup sure would be handy, throw on a canopy and like magic there’s extra storage, but the gas wouldn’t be cheap!

What Coffee Drinkers Will Do For A Cup Of Java!

Seems that we forgot to bring along one of those camping coffee percolators and because we are huge coffee drinkers in the morning we had to come up with away to make some, driving to Tim Horton’s every morning wasn’t an option. Scott actually came up with this idea one morning while I was still in bed ha ha thats right me still in bed, gotta love that!
When you need a cup of coffee here’s the good old fashion way with a little modern day thrown in. Using my good Tupperware chefseries stainless steel pot he filled it with water and coffee grounds, brought it to a boil than let it simmer for about 10 minutes or so, i know what your thinking coffee grounds in your cup yuck right! Not so, he took out a plastic Tupperware bowl placed a strainer over it then even added a coffee filter, poured the brewed coffee into the filter letting it drip through to the strainer then into the bowl. It seems like a lot of work but hey it works we are able to enjoy home brewed coffee and with no grounds in the cup gotta love that!
Are you following along if you are then you know today Wednesday is only day 4 of this new adventure and it just might come to an end here very shortly if all goes well. I was able to find a barn with 4 stalls on 3 acres of fenced land for only $500 a month just waiting to hear if the barn has electricity and water. Although we could live without the electric all we’d need to do is invest in a generator but the water is important! Even if we could hook up with a good old fashion garden hose that works too and with the barn having the 4 stalls and being fenced I’m thinking rent them out, people here on the coast pay a lot to board their horses and presto our rent is free, gotta love that! Then all we’d need to do is get either Telus or Shaw in for the internet but again that would be paid for by the horse boarders so basically we’d still be living the RV lifestyle just in a permanent place which still allows for us to pull out and camp along the way during the summer months.

Found this on the internet lol 

Third Times A Charm Or So They Say!

You’ve heard that saying before third times a charm but really is that even true, take it from me today it’s not! I was woken up at 4:30 this morning with Scott yelling at the dogs for being in the way, then he couldn’t find his shirt and I’m sure the entire campsite was woken up, I mean how could they sleep through that especially the people next to us they only had a tent, nothing sound proof there. Then Scott’s boss was going to pick him up here since we left the car back on that busy street from the night before, men they think they know everything that’s right folks he got lost and I had to drive Scott up to the main intersection to meet up with him, talk about your morning.
Other then being tired, the rest of the day was perfect, I was able to build the dog kennel we have, tarp it for rain and hide the fact that yes people do walk by, no more barking pretty quiet around here today and you can’t see it now but I’m smiling about that. I re-organized the trailer and you gotta laugh because I’m starting to think that we must be the only two people that go out in a 5th wheel with not one but two snow/ice brushes stored so nicely underneath in the storage compartment. Sometimes its the little things that can make a person laugh and today that was mine!

I’m selling our second one if you know somebody who needs an outdoor kennel for their dog, we are finding that one works for both of our dogs.

Overall its been a pretty nice day, not overly hot there’s a mild breeze coming off the water and a few clouds are rolling in for what looks like a wet day tomorrow. I’m okay with that it’ll allow me to leave the dogs in the trailer for a few hours while I head off to Tim Horton’s to use their wifi and send the past three postings to all of you then you’ll be all caught up on the good and the bad that we have experienced since pulling out of the driveway Sunday evening, just think it hasn’t even been a full week yet!

I Wonder Did We Make The Right Decision!

Scott headed to work at about 5:30 am leaving me with the trailer and of course the dogs, this was going to be a nightmare I just knew it. Turned out that all I needed was some sleep so once I laid down there was no problem sleeping until noon guess my body needed it after all the work I had done over the past three months getting ready for this adventure in our lives.
hot weather construction

It managed to reach 34 here in the afternoon, omg it was hot!

The temperature wasn’t all that bad in the morning but by late afternoon it had raised to where sitting in the RV without the air conditioner was unbearable and i knew that if I couldn’t stand it the dogs needed a cooler place to be. I started up the truck and thats where we stayed for about two hours with the AC on high. Before I get ahead of myself here’s a question for all of you “Have you ever tried putting a 120lb dog into the back seat of a pickup when she has her feet permanently dug into the ground and refuses to go”??? Thats what I was faced with in the exhausting heat of the day one very stubborn dog who was saying Hell No I Won’t Go!!!

Karma can be the most stubborn dog when she doesn’t want to do something like getting in the truck or 5th wheel, digs her feet into the ground every time!

Things we’ve had to learn along the way can be costly at best, take a look at the damage we were able to create while backing up the trailer for the first time, that could of been avoided if we knew what we were doing!


Trailer damaged while backing up!

While we were backing up the 5th wheel into the campsite which we never even noticed until it was to late and starting to unhook, well truth be told Scott saw it first. The trailer had hit the truck causing a huge dent on the passenger side by the back window, were talking maybe $3000.00 worth of damage and that doesn’t even include the big dent in the trailer itself. Learn by one’s mistakes they say ha ha what they forgot to mention is those mistake could be costly!


Truck damage – Ouch!

Sure hope things start to turn around for us, not sure why the universe thinks that it should dish out all bad luck and not even the smallest of good luck , what is it testing us to see if we’re serious about living the RV lifestyle?