Feels Like I’m Drowning in Hot Water!

That’s right things are going from bad to worse and I’m thinking it might be time to throw in the towel… Wouldn’t you know the hot water heater sprung a leak yesterday more like a river than a leak and now that’s right NO hot water!

hot water tank

What does a RV hot water tank look like, not very big but does the job if it’s not pouring out on the ground!

I wanted a shower so bad, my hair was in need of a good wash and I hate when it starts to look all yucky, not to mention I had to go out in public to meet up with a few women that I didn’t even know. You know what they say about first impressions and how that’s important, crap didn’t want them thinking WOW she doesn’t wash her hair.

I took to the internet and must have watched over 20 how to videos off YouTube, I wanted to see if I could do a quick fix just so at the very least I’d have clean hair. Some I turned off immediately, some just dragged and dragged no interest there and some well they didn’t even resemble our 5th wheel at all. Then I did a google search and found a view forums that started to make sense, I’m not much for reading but having clean hair was important.

hot water tank plug

First I read check the hot water plug to see if it’s leaking, that’s the little brass looking screw thing in the picture, guess what it wasn’t, good to know I was thinking to myself, although maybe it should be replaced too

Onward I proceed to read, but I should warn all of you it just sounded like a lot of bla bla to me but I was so desperate to wash my hair I had to keep reading. I don’t even consider myself the hands on type of person and usually leave this kind of crap to the hubby, but he was at work. Then it happened would you look at that steps to fixing a hot water tank leak and even in terms I can understand and accomplish sounds simple enough.

hot water pressure release valve

This is where the river of water is coming from it’s called the “Hot Water Pressure Relief Valve” and look easy to read and understand instructions, should I feel lucky or maybe I should wait before getting all excited

Step 1 – Turn off the water heater, this was an easy step since it was already off after finding that it had a leak, I’m not that incompetent.

Step 2 – Turn off incoming water supply, ha ha another easy task since the water supply is coming from the garden hose even a child can figure that one out.

Step 3 – Open the closest hot water faucet in the RV, for me this means the one in the kitchen but only because it’s the closest to the hot water tank.

Step 4 – Pull handle of the pressure temperature relief valve straight out and allow the water to drain until it stops, this one had me a little baffled in the beginning but hey straight out how hard can that be.

Step 5 – Allow pressure temperature relief valve to snap shut, now turn on water supply and close faucet, okay the last two were simple but the snapping shut part I don’t think that really happened and seriously not even sure what that even means since I had to push the valve back down where it was originally at when I started all of this.

Now for the Big Test – Did I Manage to Fix the Leak!

Once all was said and done I came back into the RV and turned on the hot water tank it’s not rocket science after all it’s just a switch under the kitchen sink.

hot water switch

Turning on the hot water simple to do with this switch

I went back outside to check for leaks and wouldn’t you know there wasn’t one at least not yet anyways. I ran out of time doing all of these steps so in case you’re wondering yes I went out with my hair still looking and feeling yucky!

Couple Hours have Come and Gone!

I was pretty excited thinking that I had fixed the hot water leak problem and was sure looking forward to that hot shower and finally feeling like a normal person again. Wasn’t that a short-lived dream, turned on the hot water tank, waited 30 minutes for the water to heat up, got into the shower and turned on the water. Oh My God I yelled at the hubby the dam water is cold and I hate water at the best of times more so if it’s cold. Well wouldn’t you know it all the hot water went right out of the tank and onto the ground leaving me with nothing but ice-cold water and a very pissed off attitude!

Now I’m fit to be tied and have virtually no way of washing my hair, hubby as sweet as he is offers to boil me some water, can you see it now me washing my hair with hot boiled water there’s an emergency room visit waiting to happen. Then I remembered we have a close family friend that not only lives alone (he’s single & cute ladies) but is only five minutes away from us so I call him up and ask for a quirky favour “Hey can I use your shower“, thank goodness he was home and didn’t have any plans.

My hair project



The Pitfalls from Living in a RV!

People rarely talk about the bad side of anything or maybe when I was searching living in a RV only the good things came up, not really knowing but let me tell you things are not as glamorous as one would think. I’m not in very good spirits these days and seem to be bordering on having a mental breakdown or so my doctor says, and quite frankly I’m inclined to agree with him.

The Isolation is the Worst!

I have been feeling so lonely these past few weeks that there are days that I just want to die. I can’t go anywhere unless I take the dogs and leaving them in a hot vehicle not an option, so here I am stuck with two dogs 24/7 that weigh in at 100+ pounds each, am I complaining you bet I am. I can’t even leave them unattended in the RV unless it’s raining and around 14 degrees and even then that’s usually early mornings around 5am, what’s there to do at that time of the morning absolutely nothing, that’s what!

Seems all I can focus on is crying and holy crap seems that’s all I do these days! There’s not just one thing that gets me going it can be anything like every time the fridge shuts off, oh I should mention it’s off as I write this, what a surprise – not!

Seems I have no reason to talk to family or friends on the phone anymore after all what do I have that’s new to say, nothing that’s what, just the same old crap day after day!

The Expense is Outrages!

When researching living in RV’s people would say how much cheaper it is and how they were saving money, now there’s a joke! The expense is far more greater then you would expect especially at this time of the year. RV parks for example charge anywhere from $240 – $300 a week and that’s if you want the full hookups, which why wouldn’t you since you have a trailer thats suppose to have all the amenities to keep you comfortable like your still living in a conventional home. I should also mention that the majority of the RV parks that I’ve talked to over the past month and half won’t take RV’s over 10 years old, WOW now what are we suppose to do, this piece of crap is something like a 1998, yes I called it a piece of crap why – because it is!

To Old for the Parks – Now What!

Don’t get me wrong there are a few RV parks that will actually take in this 5th wheel, not all parks are that picky and you’ve seen from my past posts that we have stayed in a few. If your considering living in a RV my suggestion do your homework, find a RV park that you like or even a few of them and ask millions of questions and do this before you give up your life as you knew it. I’m the first to admit that we jumped into this with both feet and never once took the time to research the bad side of living in a RV, and if we had this one were living in would never have been considered an option!

Has Anything Changed After We Moved!

You bet it has and not for the good either, do I regret this decision that we made so hastily hell yes I sure do! If given the option to return back into the normal way of living would I – you bet I’d be the first to say yes!

Let me do a re-cap and write the pros and cons and then you be the judge, bet you’d be on my side and want to return back to a normal life.

Living the Normal Way versus RV Living!


  • The dogs had their own fenced yard, they felt safe, came and went between the house and yard on their own. Now I have to find a home for our female because she simply hates moving around and most of the time refuses to even get in the truck. Plus they live on a leash now and don’t have the freedom that they were used to, is that fair I think not!
  • I had a job, maybe not the best one out there but it allowed me to get out and meet people, talk with people, mingle in society and yes even bring in a second income.
  • When I wanted to shower I just went and had one, didn’t have to worry about the tank being full, like today for example woke up wanting a shower but its not going to happen – why – the dam tank is full!
  • We used to go out for dinner twice a month, now we can only grab take out and eat it back at the trailer, you know why already the dogs.
  • The fridge makes me cry, every time I buy meat it shuts off and everything defrosts I’m so sick and tired of spending money only to cook everything in one day! Yes I realize that can happen with a regular fridge buy hey that’s what landlords are for.
  • Don’t even get me started on the one side of the trailer where it’s nothing but dry rot to the point where the siding could fall completely off (no wonder the RV parks don’t want us in there) it’s held on by duct tape, yes you read it right duct tape! Now we’re facing the mold in the walls and with me having bad lungs it’s just not worth the risk. Hey did I mention the ant hill inside the dry rot wall, that’s right ants they are everywhere and I swear if I get bit by one more I’m going to snap! This would be a landlords responsibilty when it comes to the mold and dry rot just not to sure about the ant infestation.
  • Laundry is another factor I should mention, we used to wash/dry clothes weekly but now first we have to find a laundromat then one of us has to sit there while the clothes are being done, can’t be both of us, you remember we have the dogs!

Am I Happy – Do I Sound Happy!

I can honestly say I’m not happy, haven’t been for the past few weeks for the first time in my life “I don’t know what to do” I don’t even know how to go about fixing things. It’s easy for people to sit and say ha ha you have nobody to blame but yourselves and you could very well be right. I thought you should know that the RV life is not easy, it’s not fun (unless your camping for a week or two) and it’s not for everyone!

There is a difference between giving up and knowing when you've had enough



Deciding Which Way To Go!

We have decided that since we are living in our RV it needs to be bigger! We are carefully weighing all of our options especially since our truck is only capable of hauling a trailer that weighs in at 10,500lbs so 5th wheel trailers can be limited for us. We have managed to find two that will work and both are fairly simular when it comes to weight, floor plan and price. One is a 2012 Wind River $26,900 and the second one is a 2011 Durango $24,900 there isn’t much difference between the two other then a few hundred pounds and the Wind River has better shocks. Both come with a four year warranty and both only have the one slideout it’s a tough call on which one we’ll be calling home!

Okay it’s official we have decided after looking at both 5th wheels again the Durango is the way to go!

Turns out the Wind River doesn’t have the closet space, counter space or the same amount of cupboards and the Durango even had a larger bedroom. We stopped by this morning to get all the financing started, so hopefully by the middle of the week it’ll all come together.



The deal wasn’t ment to be seems it fell through a crack in the road.

If your thinking of living in a RV make sure you’ll have the room for everybody including your fur babies, that’s what our problem is there just isn’t enough room for the two of us plus the 100 lb plus dogs we have and quite frankly it’s just not fair to them. Make sure your prepared to live in a much smaller place then your used too, I get a little claustrophobic at times and can actually see the walls closing in on me. Makes me wonder at times did we make the right decision is there a transition period and if so how long does it take for everyone to adjust? I realize this way of life isn’t for everyone and maybe we just started to late in life!


This week we are parked in an industrial area of Langley along side the road, I suppose the only good thing about that is its free, still makes me wonder though how others living in their RV’S do it or even worst the people that live in their cars, vans and trucks that can’t be easy! I’m thankful for having a roof over my head with at the very least a full kitchen to use rain or shine although I should mention it sure is boring without electricity for the TV or wifi for the iPad, time for us to research satellites, not that it would be much help here on the roadside.


Should we go back to the conventional way of living, that’s the question I ask myself everyday!

The thing I keep trying to remind myself we are only into the third week so it’s best I play this out until at least the end of August, who knows maybe it does get easier with time once we sort out what works best for us!

All Good Things End Sooner Or Later!

Saturday is here tomorrow and I gotta say having electricity, running water and the use of the bathroom has been almost like a dream come true this past week.


But it’s time to move on, not sure where we’ll end up next week I’m hoping somewhere close to a working wifi, the days go fast but if I had wifi they would pass by even quicker. I did manage to get up at 4:30 am on Tuesday so I could drive Scott to work and have the truck but that was a lot of work and ended up being a long and tired day.

One Can Dream Right?

I decided to take a tour of 5th wheels that our truck is capable of hauling and Omg is all I have to say, some are more beautiful inside then any house I’ve ever lived in. The first one is simply amazing inside theres even a fireplace plus it’s ready for -20 come winter and has so many extras including two slide outs. While I was there I met another couple shopping for a trailer to live in, they told me that they were tired of living pay cheque to pay cheque and have decided it’s the best thing for their family.


The next one is 6 years old and half the price not as fancy but still pretty nice just the same. Has only one slide out and an extra large fridge which is a three way (the only way to go). With a three way it’ll work on propane, electricity and battery the one we have now is only a two way propane or electric and you all know it doesn’t like to work. I personally will make sure our next fridge is a three way and if your thinking of living in an RV that’s the fridge you’ll want. You might not always have electricity and if you run out of propane you’ll be able to switch it over to your RV battery which we always keep fully charged.


It’s becoming a way of life for more people than you can even imagine as they trade in their mortgage/rent payments to own their home!

This week I’ve met two different families one has moved here from Nova Scotia where they bought their trailer and now live here in the park with their two young kids while hubby works his day job. The second family just bought their trailer over the weekend and are slowly moving in during the daytime, they couldn’t afford to pay rent anymore here in Chilliwack. They had their trailer delivered by the sales place they bought it at because they only own the family car, two adults, two teenagers and two family dogs. It’s becoming increasingly popular for living saving people $1000’s of dollars a month.

Most people choose to put their trailers into RV parks and pay anywhere from $400 to $575 a month depending on the park and this includes the electricity, water, sewer hookup, basic cable and if you get the right park that can include wifi too. Some of them raise the monthly rent for the months of June, July, August and September but then those are the busy summer months. I know of two parks here that charge $870 during the summer then drop to $450 after school goes back in so it’s easy to see why more families are choosing the RV lifestyle.

I don’t mind the RV parks we just haven’t found the right one that we want to call home and I’m still trying to find someone with property who wouldn’t mind making a few extra hundred bucks a month by renting us a spot for our trailer. I would prefer that over a park and as long as we could get electricity and water that’s pretty much all we’d need, there’s companies that can empty our sewer tank you see their trucks everywhere and of course cable with wifi would just be a bonus. If you know someone that has property between Langley to Abbotsford send them our way or let them know we’re looking.

We’ll have to decide on a park and area before October so that we can winterize the trailer but until then we’re enjoying the change of scenery week to week.

So Much To Learn In Such A Short Time!

I’m thinking we should of tested out everything before starting this journey, sucks to be going into the second week only to find things aren’t what they seem!


First thing we learnt (important too) the wall between the awning and inside the trailer is dry rot, found that out when the awning fell out of the exterior wall putting it back in for moving. The next thing is the fridge (can’t live without one) seems it doesn’t work on electricity anymore and even to start it with propane takes two people. Today I’ll sit here without the fridge running (mental note to self, get fridge switch fixed). Can’t imagine how much that’s going to cost!


During our first week out it wasn’t a big deal we didn’t have the trailer hooked to water so when I washed dishes I would just boil water and use that to wash them. Today a whole new problem has reared it’s ugly head, went to use the tap to fill the sink only to learn it leaks! That’s right pours out of the tap all over the counter faster then it can fill the sink!


Today I’m feeling a bit ripped off not only with the trailer but with everything in general. It’s raining, I’m stuck in a RV park about 20kms from the nearest town without a vehicle (Scott took the truck to work), no fridge to keep the meat frozen which means I’ll have to cook up everything sometime today, tomorrow at the latest. The propane lighter ran out of fluid and with the matches in the truck won’t be lighting the stove anytime soon, stuck eating toast. The free wifi sucks big time here so if I wanted to post this blog entry I’d have to walk clear across the park to the laundromat in the pouring rain, not sure if that’s going to happen. My cell phone has less then 20% battery life, my fault I forget to take the charger out of the truck last night.


Looking for the positive side of the day, I hooked the Playstation to the TV so at least I can watch a movie or two. The dogs are laid back but that’s only because they know it’s raining outside! Being prepared for all the unknown things that could happen should be top priority on one’s list, wouldn’t you agree?

Today is not a great day for me and if
you’ve been thinking about living in a RV be prepared it takes a lot of energy, patience, a little knowledge couldn’t hurt and there will be times that you’ll  feel isolated or claustrophobic like I’m feeling right now!

Everyone Has To Make Sacrifices!

It’s quite the hassle owning two vehicles as we soon learned. Let’s use tomorrow as the example before we could even check out (same as motel 11am) we’d have to drive out the car find a legal spot to park it where it could stay for days should it need to. Then drive back to campsite, hookup trailer heading out to parts unknown.

After finding another spot sooner than later we’d have to go and get the car, I know what your thinking “why don’t I just follow along behind with the car”, that’s a great question but wait until you hear my answer.


This little white car is a death trap, I drove it the day we pulled out of the drive and if it wasn’t trying to put me in the ditch it would try to drive me right into the path of oncoming traffic, that was a white knuckle drive not to mention scary!


Today we made the decision it was just to much time and wasting gas to continue with the car, it took its last drive this afternoon (may it rest in peace) to the scrap yard. Bet your wondering how much we got for it ha ha wait till you read that a whopping $60.00 wow talk about being rich now.

We both agreed that a second pickup sure would be handy, throw on a canopy and like magic there’s extra storage, but the gas wouldn’t be cheap!

What Coffee Drinkers Will Do For A Cup Of Java!

Seems that we forgot to bring along one of those camping coffee percolators and because we are huge coffee drinkers in the morning we had to come up with away to make some, driving to Tim Horton’s every morning wasn’t an option. Scott actually came up with this idea one morning while I was still in bed ha ha thats right me still in bed, gotta love that!
When you need a cup of coffee here’s the good old fashion way with a little modern day thrown in. Using my good Tupperware chefseries stainless steel pot he filled it with water and coffee grounds, brought it to a boil than let it simmer for about 10 minutes or so, i know what your thinking coffee grounds in your cup yuck right! Not so, he took out a plastic Tupperware bowl placed a strainer over it then even added a coffee filter, poured the brewed coffee into the filter letting it drip through to the strainer then into the bowl. It seems like a lot of work but hey it works we are able to enjoy home brewed coffee and with no grounds in the cup gotta love that!
Are you following along if you are then you know today Wednesday is only day 4 of this new adventure and it just might come to an end here very shortly if all goes well. I was able to find a barn with 4 stalls on 3 acres of fenced land for only $500 a month just waiting to hear if the barn has electricity and water. Although we could live without the electric all we’d need to do is invest in a generator but the water is important! Even if we could hook up with a good old fashion garden hose that works too and with the barn having the 4 stalls and being fenced I’m thinking rent them out, people here on the coast pay a lot to board their horses and presto our rent is free, gotta love that! Then all we’d need to do is get either Telus or Shaw in for the internet but again that would be paid for by the horse boarders so basically we’d still be living the RV lifestyle just in a permanent place which still allows for us to pull out and camp along the way during the summer months.

Found this on the internet lol