Raw Dog Food Vs Commercial Dog Food

I’ve had my dogs on a raw dog food diet ever since the day I brought them home at the age of 10 weeks old. Eating a raw dog food diet also known as the “Barf Diet” has made them able to stay healthy, their coats are shinier and their teeth remain the way they should be pure white with no plaque build-up.

They mostly eat Chicken/Bone and Vegetable that I buy from a local meat store where we live. I buy a fifty-pound box once a week costing one dollar a pound and this feeds the both of them for the entire week. I’ll share the link to our local meat store further through this article in case you also live in my neighbourhood.

What does the Barf Diet mean

Biologically Appropriate Raw Food 


Bones and Raw Food 

Raw Food Diet for Dogs means Feeding Fresh Meat made Easy

Feeding a raw dog food diet is a cheaper, healthier way to feed your dog, this gives your a dog a much healthier immune system.

Wolves, foxes and coyotes are all part of the canine species and have been eating raw food since the very beginning of time and your dog is part of this canine species.

There are books that will help you learn where to start, the importance of raw feeding, the health benefits and how the making of raw feeding is easier for everyone.


I buy my dogs food and bones from a butcher here in my area that specializes in making natural dog food

The Benefits of Feeding a Raw Dog Food Diet

How I think eating a raw dog food benefits our dogs

Dogs that eat a raw dog food diet have shinier coats, they never have fleas and their coats always looks like they just had a bath

  • With the raw diet, their skin is never flaky and they don’t get hot spots, their skin remains healthy because of the diet they eat
  • The barf dog food diet is very good for their teeth, they have no plaque build-up and their teeth are snow white in colour
  • The raw food diet that they eat comes with vegetables mixed in, this helps with their energy level and they never feel sluggish or tired

Dogs were meant to eat their foods raw just as nature intended, so why not learn more about the way a dog should eat. 

What Foods do my Dogs Eat with their Raw Food Diet

This is a list of foods that my dogs eat for their daily dinner

  • Chicken hearts, turkey hearts, lamb hearts 
  • Turkey necks, chicken necks, whole chickens 
  • Beef liver, pork liver, pork hock

I’m able to buy all kinds of raw meat from my local butcher, made especially for dogs

My Dogs eat their Food from Frozen

I don’t thaw out their food, this makes their eating at a slower pace

I have never given my dogs food thawed, it has always been fed to them frozen. In fact, I think it looks mighty gross when it’s thawed at room temperature and it’s much easier to feed them at meal times if it’s frozen. I have a small apartment size deep freezer that we keep in the garage that will hold all of the food and bones.


I tried thawing a block once, there was to much blood for my liking

What Treats do my Dogs enjoy

Along with the typical fifty-pound box of food that I buy, treats are always a nice surprise

My dogs also get lots of wholesome treats along with their meals, here are just a few of their favourite snacks.

  • Celery with peanut butter
  • Peanut butter sandwich on white bread
  • Raw carrot, peeled
  • Raw or cooked eggs
  • Apple, peeled with seeds removed 

Eating a Raw Diet means less Clean-Up with little Smell

Dogs that are on a raw food diet go to the bathroom less and their stools are smaller and then within a few hours or so the stool turns white and if left eventually it will turn to powder.

Cleaning up after your dog really isn’t necessary

In the event that you need to clean up after your dog then the Out scoop is perfect for the job. The handle extends up to 24 inches so there is no more bending over and when you’re finished cleaning your yard this scoop collapses for easy storage, it has become my best friend at the doggy park.


These two deserve the very best!

Another good Source of Nutrients for your dog is Beef Tripe

Tripe is best when it comes from a freshly slaughtered animal but in our world today that can’t always happen.

Tripe not only helps your dog with their digestive system it also helps with their muscular development. A good thing about Tripe is it can be fed to any dog, but it is also a great additive when you feed raw bones and raw meat, it has nutrients that are important to your dog’s health.


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