St Patrick’s Day Fun and Exciting Facts

Celebrated on March 17 of every year is St. Patrick’s Day, I believe that it is celebrated with a lot of religious beliefs in some countries and is even a public holiday in other places. Here where I live in Canada it’s just a fun day to dress in green and for the adults they can enter into any drinking establishment and order a green beer.

But what about the kids, I know that in some places there are St Paddy’s Day parades complete with clowns, face painting and a lot of green. It is said that if a child is born on St Patrick’s Day they are to be very lucky in their life, therefore their birthday is celebrated with more joy and the restrictions on eating and drinking are lifted for this day.

Some of the most popular gifts for kids celebrating their birthdays on St. Patrick’s Day are really colourful and exciting, in fact these are perfectly manufactured keeping the kids requirements and choices in mind.

2017-02-26_21-38-44_757.622x621 Even the adults participate in St Patrick Day celebrations
Photo Credit: jill111

Saint Patricks History dates back to the 17th Century

Did you know St Paddy’s day is a public holiday in Canada but only in Newfoundland and Labrador not here in the province of British Columbia or any of the other provinces that I’m aware of.

Another thing that you might not know is that in the early 17th century was when St Patrick’s day became an official Christian feast day.

Saint Patrick was a Christian missionary and bishop of Ireland and actually passed away on March 17th marking this his traditional death date.


Find a 4 leaf clover and they say you’ll have Good Luck!
Photo Credit: InspiredImages

Canada goes Green but only One day of the Year

Up here in Canada, okay maybe not all of Canada but where I live adults can walk into their neighbourhood pub and order a green beer. I can honestly say that I haven’t had the pleasure of drinking a beer that’s green but that’s only because I don’t drink beer, I do know people that do it every year so they can have the pleasure of drinking one.

How does one make beer green without adding food colouring to it, after all we’ve all heard somewhere along the way that food colouring is bad for us. There are a few different natural green dyes that people can use if they really want to drink their beer green. Most natural food colouring substances work best in a light coloured beer versus a darker beer.

  • Wheatgrass with its grassy flavour will give your beer thats a yellow-green colour similar to the pub beers but with a little health benefit. Wheatgrass is known to aid in the digestive system and even has vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.
  • Spirulina Powder can give your beer more of a hunter green colour similar to the colour teal but I should warn you only use a little it’s strong when it comes to dying. This powder should only be used in a strong tasting beer because it comes with a fishy taste to it. Spirulina does have it’s health benefits no doubt about it being loaded with protein. 
  • Matcha Powder is perfect if your looking for more of an olive green coloured beer and the flavour is mild tasting more like a green tea. Like green tea Matcha powder is packed with powerful antioxidants so it kinda speaks for itself.

Both the Matcha and the Spirulina powder will also make the foam of your beer green too so if you still want the foam to be white I suggest only using the Wheatgrass the foam will still have a slight green colour but nothing compared to the other two.


I wonder who came up with the idea of adding food colouring to beer!
Photo Credit: jill111

Growing up in the Shadows of St Patrick Day

That’s right I had to celebrate my birthday two days after that green day that everyone celebrates almost everywhere around the world. Most people had already had their fun on March 17th, dressing in green, drinking green drinks, playing green games and even eating green foods, than comes along my birthday party on March 19th, try throwing a fantastic party after all of that green hype.

Now, don’t take it the wrong way I did celebrate by own birthday I just didn’t wear my favourite colour which just happens to be green.

St Patrick Day ideas for the Kids

  • Hair bows and ribbons for girls like all other products these too are available in gold white and green, of course with green being the most dominating colour to celebrate St Patrick’s Day
  • Funny hats and masks, a birthday without fun hats and masks looks a little on the boring side. To add spice one can gift all the kids attending the celebration a mask and a fun hat which will make the celebration complete and colourful
  • Baby bibs, these are stylishly created for your babies first St Paddy’s Day. They look very fashionable and it definitely is the best way to include an infant in the celebration
  • Tattoos are among one of the cheapest yet significant ways of getting noticed during the birthday celebrations, tattoos are enjoyed by kids as well as the elders
  • Leprechaun confetti, these are little guys who come in green holding shamrocks in one hand, because their made of durable metallic foil you can sprinkle them on tabletops

Whether your a Big or Small Kid, be sure to Enjoy the only Day set aside for the colour Green!

2017-02-26_22-20-48_76.622x621  Photo Credit: larsen9236

This is the reason that most of the toys or items are green in colour and have a shamrock, so they’ll resemble in one way or another the focus of 

Saint Patrick’s Day!


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