The Beauty of the Peacock

I myself think that the peacock has to be one of the most colourful birds around. My friend said that each bird had a personality of its own and she could tell each bird apart from the other just because of that trait.

When we would visit she would have them out and about in her yard, yes they were extremely beautiful there’s no denying that, but wow were they ever loud. I don’t think I know a bird that can be that loud, her neighbors were always complaining so if you’re thinking about owning one or two be sure that you live further out in the country.

Raising a Peacock can be Tough if you Live Close to your Neighbors

I personally had friends that raised Peacocks and boy were they loud when they wanted to be, eventually, I guess the neighbors started to complain and they had to get rid of them.

These are such beautiful birds and it makes one wonder how with all of their beauty could they be so loud. Now, of course, my friends had twelve of them BUT still I often wonder myself about their vocal abilities.

Bring the Beauty of the Peacock into your Home

These mighty elegant birds would be perfect in the bedroom, office or even the den. Find the right peacock decor to match your homes by searching either Amazon, eBay or just by googling them, you’ll be surprised how many beautiful things there really are.

You can even add an immediate touch of class and elegance to any room with subtly-colored peacock wall sculptures. This type of wall art offers a unique 3-D quality that commands attention.

Vinyl is the new Wall Decal

I found a huge white peacock vinyl wall decal that would certainly make a statement in any room. 

Removable wall decals are the biggest thing in home decor! The newest interior design trend is adding vinyl art on interior walls. It’s easier than hiring an artist and a lot cheaper and the smaller pieces can be put up within minutes.


Canvas Prints to Accent the Walls of your Home

There are gorgeous close-up prints of peacock feathers divided into 5 ready-to-hang panels. If you are looking to use the colors of these magnificent birds in a big way, the canvas print is definitely the way to go!

Perfect for over a couch or bed or to fill a large wall in your home or office. For that added visual effect and texture grab a canvas that has real oil paint on the top with a brushstroke finish. Art is “gallery wrapped”, this creates the image on all sides of the visible image and ready to hang. I myself enjoy the added feature of the 5 piece stretched and framed canvas prints that is made by Wieco Art it looks amazing over the couch in the living room.

Gorgeous Peacock Decor for your Exotic Home

Whether you are looking for canvas prints, metal wall sculptures or removable vinyl decals, they are all becoming increasingly popular. You can also find other peacock home decor to accessorize your new peacock theme room or add a pop of color to any room in your home!

I don’t think there’s anyone that won’t agree that these birds are the most beautiful creatures this crazy world has seen walk around in our parks, hills and unfortunately even our zoos. 


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