Things to take Camping

Here you’ll see some of my past camping trips and I’ll share a few different lists on things to take with you…Some of the things in the list’s are essentials, while other things on the list’s are all personal preferences…Not everything on these checklist’s need to go with you…Some things your not going to want to drag along with you, unless your going to be camping for a week or more…camping checklist

Don’t forget whatever you take with you, has to come back after the trip is over…That’s a lot of packing, unpacking, re-packing and moving things…I’ve learnt quite a bit over the past few years on how to make things a little easier when we go…

If you’ve never been before and want to give it a try, a camping checklist is the first place to start…That way you can get an idea about what you’ll need to purchase, what you’ll need to take and as you gain the experience through trial and error things will start to become easier…

If your planning on camping a lot during the season here’s a little thing I use: Store all your camping equipment in plastic totes with lids, that way you always know where it is, plus the bonus is their stackable for hauling…

The Essentials Checklist – These are the camping must haves the things you can’t do without

Camping can be very relaxing if you like nature, but it’s always a good thing to expect the unexpected so be sure to have things on hand in case something goes wrong. Maybe your out deep in the woods and they’ve had a few bear sightings then you really shouldn’t be out there unless you have something to ward off those beasts I recommend having at least one can of bear spray available for everyone in your camping party.

Toilet Paper, First Aid Kit, Bear Spray, Extra Clothes, Lawn Chairs, Flashlight, Bug Spray, Rope, Axe, Lantern, Soap, Towels, Tooth Brush’s, Toothpaste, Hair Brush, Comb, Shampoo, BatteriesWaterproof Matches

The Tent Checklist – If you use a tent these are the things you can’t leave behind

The nights do get chilly depending on where your camping, and if your sleeping in a tent without a heat source you’ll need to keep warm someway. The sleeping bag is one of the best options for staying warm, they come in a multiple of sizes and temperature gauging.

Air mattress’s come in different sizes depending on how many people will be using them, there’s twin, double, queen and king sizes. Since my husband and I are large people we prefer the king size that way we are both comfortable while sleeping. Air mattress’s are a great way to stay off of the ground which could be hard to sleep on and a few selective ones come complete with the air pump.

Tent’s Are Great For Kids Or Extra Guests

We don’t have any kids but if we did I’m sure they’d have a few friends that would want to tag along so be sure to add these extras.

camping tent

Tent, Tent Pegs, Sleeping Bags, Pillows, Extra Blankets, Air Pump, Air Mattress, Mattress Repair Kit

The Kitchen Checklist – Be prepared for any meal

We have two large dogs that are on the raw diet so for us taking their food is a challenge, Since we usually only go for a weekend, we freeze their food and only take enough to last til we get back home. We use a separate cooler from our food and throw in a couple of ice packs that seems to help keep their food from spoiling.

These are a must have when your out in the woods after all your still going to eat so be sure to take along enough of these. I always take a meeting for 4 when it comes to dinner you just never know who might stop by your campfire for something yummy.

camping potDishes, Pots & Pans, Utensils, Beverages, Extra Water, Pie Iron, Ice Cream Ball, Camp Stove, Barbecue, Dish Soap, Food, Cooler’s, BriquettesPropane

Camping Equipment – You might want to take along, I never go without these

I always use the egg carrier it keeps my eggs from getting broke and is made of a fairly strong plastic. I’m also a huge coffee drinker so the enameled percolator is a must have on our camping trips, it’s large enough for two people to enjoy their morning coffee fix.

  • Privacy Shelter – When you need to have a little privacy, this is great for changing your clothes away from the group your camping with. Or if your at a lake or remote part of the forest that has no bathroom, you can put a bucket in here for the privacy. This privacy tent is 7 feet tall and 4 feet square so not to worry it has plenty of room to do what you have to.
  • Camp Stove Toaster – This little gadget has got to be my personal favorite, there’s one thing I just can’t do and that’s eat bacon and eggs without toast…I love this little toaster, it make’s four slices at a time, it folds down and it’s easy to pack…Plus did I mention it makes just as good a toast as my electric toaster does at home…

  • Propane Camp Stoves – Great for those early morning breakfasts and we seem to be early raisers when were out, so we use our propane stove in the mornings to make our coffee and our breakfast which is usually always bacon and eggs. Most campsites charge money for firewood so we like to hang onto it for the night enjoyment.

  • Campfire Tripod – There’s just something about the smell of a campfire and like I mentioned earlier most campsites already have a grill over their fire pits, but if you’re anything like me and don’t prefer to use something that hundreds of other people have, then taking along your own grill makes more sense. Camping has to be the most relaxing holiday, after the tent or RV is set up. I am a huge fan of camping and love to go every chance I get. We don’t cook much in the RV we mostly use the campfire and most lakes have a grate over the campfire area, but I prefer this tripod. It holds my cast iron cookware nicely over the fire and the food always cooks evenly. It’s portable and doesn’t take up a lot of space in our camping gear, which works for me.

The Fun Checklist – Camping might be for relaxation but don’t forget to have a little fun

Camping can be fun but we simply go for the relaxation away from our busy city lives, be sure to have things to do no matter what the weather has in store for your trip.


Playing Cards, Crib Board, Music Player, Fishing, Bocce Ball, Croquet Set, Portable DVD, Camera, ATV, Dirt Bike, Inner Tubes, Frisbee

The Food Checklist – Plan your meals and write a list

This is just a short list of what we take along with us, it will also depend on the length of our camping trip and how many people are coming.

camping food

Butter, Ketchup, Mustard, Mayonnaise, Relish, Coffee, Tea, Sugar, Milk, Beer, Pop, Eggs, Bacon, Wieners, Hamburger, Hotdog Buns, Hamburger Buns, Bread, Fruit, Veggies, Marshmallows, Ice

Our Past Camping Trips – We love going almost every weekend, weather permitting (of course)

When we first started out camping, we used to sleep in the back of our chevy blazer…We would pack everything into the back and off we’d go…We had a double mattress that we used from an old hide away couch, and it fit perfectly into the back of the blazer…

Then we decided one day to purchase a motorhome, we used it for one season…It was great especially if it was raining outside…But we soon learned that we had made one mistake when we bought it…What were we thinking, both of us are up there in age, plus I’m sure were both classified as being overweight, so climbing up the ladder every night to the bed was a huge chore…Once up there, we felt like a piece of ham between to slices of bread…We decided to sell it, and thank goodness it sold right away…If we had of waited it never would of sold, who wants to fill the gas tanks ( yes tanks, it had two), the price of gas here is now at $1.40 a liter ouch!!!

Then we had a Dodge Caravan making it possible to camp every season and although we were thinking of purchasing a tent trailer, or travel trailer that we could pull behind the dodge caravan BUT we bought a fifth wheel instead.

Tent Trailers Come in all Sizes – The Kakadu Trailer is by far our Favourite

If we hadn’t bought the fifth wheel then this would of been the tent trailer we would opt to purchase, it’s perfect for hauling when you own a minivan.

British Columbia, Canada – Where’s a good place to camp while visiting BC, Canada

Up here in British Columbia, Canada we have some of the most beautiful scenery and with so many campgrounds to choose from it’s hard to decide where to stay.

things to take camping


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