Why the Trash Bag is Important

Why do you think that people just don’t get the fact that littering is wrong, especially when we all have access to the trash bag. Maybe they just don’t know what a trash bag is or how to use it, so if you know someone who constantly throws their trash on the ground then direct them to this page.

I will try and explain just what these are and how they are used and then maybe we could at least minimise the litter problem that’s worldwide.

We’ve all Heard of these Things called Trash Bags

I will try to explain exactly what these bags sole purpose is for

Now, remember I am only talking about the bags that I use here in my home, and many of you may or may not use the same one. This will depend solely on the type of trash cans you are using both inside and outside of your homes.

The trash bags sole purpose is to be on hand for the collection of garbage, whether it’s from inside the home, garage or the family vehicle. They are made of a hardy plastic and can hold almost any type of garbage with very few exceptions. You can usually purchase them in packages of ten or a box that has forty all the way to one hundred in it, that’s a lot of garbage bags.

Mine are called quick ties exactly what does that mean: when my bag is full I pull it out of the can then just simply tie the ends together. Some bags come with twist ties but seriously who wants to stand there and twist a tie around a bag especially since at least ninety percent of the time when they are full, they smell.

There you have it a quick overview of the black plastic bag that I call a garbage bag and wish more people would use. 


Who wants to see this along the banks of our rivers and streams

Perfect for your Home

Big, black and shiny

If you are wanting to line your trash can these bags will do the job, all of them are built tough to hold the heaviest of household trash. 

Few details about the bags that I use here in my kitchen, the ones I use come in a box of 40 bags

  • The size is 66 cm x 82.5 cm or 26 inches x 32.5 inches
  • They are black which means you don’t have to see the gunk inside
  • The bag is shiny making it easy for the eyes not to miss it
  • The bags that I’m using fit in a 75 L trash can 

I’m helping the planet by using trash bags that are made with 30% post-consumer recycled plastic

Don’t Throw that Trash on the Ground

This is a cute video and a great way to teach smaller kids the importance of not being a litterbug

Young and old will love this video, and it might be cute but still gets right to the point about why you should use a trash can. This has got to be one of my most favourite videos that I’ve seen on the subject. 

Why would you use a Trash Bag

There are many uses for these bags

Most people think that a trash bag is only used for simply putting the trash in, but that’s not true there are a few other things you can do with these plastic bags. 

  • You can line your garbage can with them
  • Useful for putting leaves and other gardening waste in (if you don’t compost)
  • In construction zones, we cover the permanently posted speed sign in order to lower the speed
  • Carry one on your walk or hike and then when you see garbage be a good neighbour and pick it up
  • If you don’t own a washer/dryer stuff the dirty clothes in one and take it to a laundromat or dry cleaners
  • Here at my house we fill them with empty pop, water and beer cans for transport to the recycling depot
  • When moving you can easily store blankets and pillows in them before loading them into your vehicle
  • Stuff them with leaves and draw funny (or scary) faces on them and use as a Halloween decor in the yard
  • If your painting a chair, table or even a small room these can be used as a drop sheet to help catch the paint that drips from your brush 


Garbage thrown out of car windows will eventually end up around our wildlife

Did you know Most Places use Bags to Line Trash Cans

  • Parks have them spread throughout for the visitors
  • Fast food places line their cans with them
  • Malls and the food courts use these bags in their trash cans
  • Most entertainment events have all of their cans lined with bags 

This is just a few examples of where their being used so that people won’t use the ground to dump off their litter 


Practical Kitchen Garbage Bag with Plastic Bracket

I use this handy garbage bag system in the RV it allows me to hang it from the cupboard while I’m making meals so it’s out of the way but still accessible. 

Important To Remember

Never put a plastic bag over your head or allow small children to play with them, they can be dangerous if not used for what they were intended!

If you take one thing today from reading this please let it be No Littering” and be sure to always have at the very least some type of trash bag with you.


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