Why Would you Own an Automatic Self Cleaning Litter Box

I for one would try to put it off as long as I could then taking a deep breath I’d walk into the room, open the window and spray an air freshener throughout the air.

I have never been a fan of cleaning smelly things (not even a fish) so when it came to cleaning the cat box I decided that I needed to get one that was as easy as possible for me to clean. I went out and spent the extra money and purchased a self cleaning box one that I knew my cats would use. Only thing is self cleaning or not it still requires a human to empty it and after a lot of trial and error I finally came up with the easiest way I could think of to get this messy job done quickly.

Not only am I happy about this new kitty litter box that cleans itself regularly I’m extremely pleased that now my house doesn’t have that strange odor in it, you know the one when your box has been used and it’s just sitting there waiting for you to scoop it out.

I will tell you how I go about cleaning this awesome product without to much fuss and bother on my part. Below you can see a picture of the self-cleaning box that we own, of course there’s better and more efficient models out there in the marketplace, but I’m just happy that we own one.

All I need is a plastic bag for emptying the tray

Cleaning that Mess just got a Whole lot Easier with a Self Cleaning Kitty Litter Box

I was hoping that when I purchased this litter box for my cats that I wouldn’t be alone in the cleaning process. I was kinda hoping that my darling husband would share the chore with me, you know I’d clean it one day and him the next.

Let me be the first to tell you that only lasted about the first week and ever since I’ve been the sole cleaner. I then had to come up with a solution to get this yucky chore done as quickly as possible without having to breath to much of that gross smell that comes with it.

The only other alternative which I can think of to avoid this was to get rid of my cats and well that’s not an option.

Even though it’s a Self Scooping Litter Box it still needs to be Emptied

Our kitty box can be heard raking up the used litter regularly every hour or so and even though it does this automatically it still has to have a human discard the used smelly muck from the holding container.

Have you ever wished that the litter box would clean itself, I’m here to tell you that this Self Washing Self Flushing Cat Box might be the answer. Not only does it wash itself clean it actually flushes the waste away too.

Simple Steps To Cleaning The Box

How do I clean my cats litter box it’s fairly simple I do this every couple of days, having two cats that are using the same box it doesn’t take long before it needs to be emptied.

  • Since my cats have their own room I do this at the beginning before I even attempt to clean the box. I spray the entire room with scented febreze air effects, it can be any scent that you like right now I’m using “sweet citrus and zest”.
  • I take the cat box scoop and scrape the bottom of the box making sure that everything laying on the bottom is mixed in with the litter. Then I push the on and off button so that the motor starts and the rack begins to move forward.
  • After the rack moves back into position and the motor has stopped I then open the back holding area lid where the rack had dumped the yucky mess. It’s during this process that you’ll want to hold your breath.
  • Using a Walmart shopping bag, I then remove the tray and dump it into the bag. It does come with bags that fit over it but I don’t find taking the bag off when it’s full all that easy and it can get quite messy, spilling all over the floor. Next step is to rinse it out I usually use the garden hose for that.
  • Lastly I replace the dumping tray, and add some clean litter to the entire box, making sure that my cat’s box is turned back on for maximum cleaning results.

What Supplies you Should have on Hand whether it’s an Automatic Kitty Litter Box or Not

The items below are things that I use every second day for cleaning. Without these I don’t think I’d be the one doing the cleaning in fact I’d be running out to buy a disposable kitty litter box.

  • Litter Scoop preferably one that looks like a rake so that the unused litter can remain in the box
  • Plastic Bags for disposing of the used litter, preferable scented ones
  • Clumping Kitty Litter to replace the used older stuff and it also works best for all cat boxes
  • Febreeze Air Effects or any other type of air freshener you’re using just helps with the smell in the room you keep the litter box

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